10 Best & Worst Moments Of My Euro-Trip 2016!

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So I just got back from a 3 week amazing euro-trip. If you haven’t been following my travels on Instagram or Facebook, this time around I traveled to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

I will soon be writing all about these destinations, including awesome video blogs of it all, I have at least 10 videos in the making. I am packed with stories, ideas and things for you guys to do in all these places. I feel like I’m gonna have at least a month or 2 worth of work until I’m done with it all. So for now I thought I share this video I made to give you guys a better idea of what’s to come on the blog and just a general idea of what happened on my euro-trip.

I’ve never done one of these videos before, but thought it would be fun to highlight the best and worst moments of those 3 weeks.

Hope you enjoy it.

I’ll also be adding the links to places and things I did below, in case you’re interested in any of them.

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A HUGE thank you to Kemi Tourism!

For more information on the Husky Safari, the Sampo Icebreaker, SnowCastle Hotel or things to do in Kemi, FInland, check out:

The Thief Hotel – Oslo, Norway

Hotel Indigo Helsinki – Boulevard

Sasso Italian Restaurants – Helsinki



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