10 Reasons Why I loved Living in Miami + Things To Do

Out of all the places in the world that I have lived in, Miami has every other place beat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miami!

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I’ve partnered up with ForRent.com to tell you why Miami is the best city I’ve ever lived in. Funny enough, I actually found my current apartment that I live in Los Angeles from ForRent.com. I just love their website, they have great photos, clear prices, a great selection and more. So I was so excited to partner up with them on this because I’m totally familiar with their site. So here are my thoughts and feelings on why I loved living in Miami so much.

The first time I visited Miami, was in 2011 for my birthday. I went on a girlfriends getaway with my best friend, Morgan. We had an amazing time. We stayed at the beautiful and amazing Mondrian South Beach Hotel (I highly recommend) and explored the heck out of Miami. However, the weather wasn’t at it’s best since it was August. During the end of July-Sept Miami usually, experiences some sort of winter. It’s during the time of the year where the tropical weather is at an all time high, where it rains on most days. However, don’t let that fool you, there is still sun in between the rain and it’s still super hot, but due to the weather, I was kind of turned off from Miami for while. I guess I just figured its always like this there.

That all changed when I was offered a job back in Miami in 2013 before I started my blog. I was a sale’s trainer then, for a big company and I was sent to the Miami location to train the employees.

I visited Miami, during December, where everywhere else in the world was raining, snowing and freezing, but Miami was celebrating summertime. There wasn’t a day that it rained, in fact, I ended up getting the perfect tan. The owner of the location and his employees were trying to sell me on moving to Miami and wouldn’t stop raving about what an amazing city it is to live in and how I needed to relocate. After a week of seeing a whole other side of Miami, I agreed to move to Miami. BEST decision ever! I ended up living in Miami for over a year.

Miami is still to this day, my favorite place I have ever lived at in the world! I moved to Miami shortly after in January. I loved Miami so much that I dragged both my brother and sister to move there with me and got them all jobs. I also ended up finding my amazing little puppy, Peanut there, who I’ve had now for 4 years!

Sadly my apartment came with my job and when I decided that I wanted to start my travel blog, I had to move back to Los Angeles, where I grew up.

While living in Miami, I lived in Sunny Isles and Aventura area. Right across the street from the beach. It was perfection!

So why did I love living in Miami so much?

The People

Miami literally has the nicest people I have ever met in the USA and maybe even anywhere else in the world. The people of Miami are so beyond friendly, kind, welcoming and nice. Everyone is always in such a great mood, everyone is always happy, I LOVE the people that live in Miami. Everyone is very laid back.

Endless Vacation Life

Miami is like nowhere else I have ever lived in. There is such a vacation laid back lifestyle. Everyday living there I felt like I was on an endless vacation. It is such a major vacation city, there are many tourists visiting Miami all year long from different countries in the world. Most of which are tourists from Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Also, many of the locals come from different countries and most people in Miami speak Spanish and many times when you walk into stores, people do approach you in Spanish. Every day after work, people go to the beach, sometimes people even get off of work early to go to the beach. The sun is always shining in Miami and yes it rains in Miami, but it never really last long and it’s never cold there. There were times where I felt like I was on a Caribbean island getaway.

The Beach

Speaking of vacation life, what would Miami be, if it wasn’t for their amazing beaches. Miami has stunning beaches up and down the coast for miles. The beaches of Miami are crystal clear beaches, similar to what you would find on a Caribbean island. The water is always warm, the sand is always soft and the sun is very strong. There are also many hotels that offer beach club passes for the day where you can use their tanning beds, towels, pools and order drinks right on the sand — vacation life!

You’re Close To So Many Countries

As a travel blogger and just a person who loves to travel, living in Miami is perfect! You are so close to so many countries. The Caribbean is just a few short hours away. I took a flight from Miami to Aruba and it only took me 2.5hrs to get there and Aruba is at the lowest point of the Caribbean. Other great countries to visit while in Miami are the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more. You’re also not too far from Europe.

Cruise Central

Miami is the cruise central of America. It’s amazing to see how many cruises leave Miami in a month and the price are SO CHEAP! You can literally see a country or two for only $250! I did! While living in Miami, I took a cruise to the Bahamas for the weekend with my brother which only cost us $250. Miami is a great cruise spot, there are so many cruises that leave Miami daily. If you live in Miami and have a free weekend you could definitely venture off to a country nearby for a totally affordable price.


Wynwood is by far, my favorite place in Miami after the beach. If you haven’t heard of Wynwood, Wynwood is the art district in Downtown Miami. It’s such an incredible place to visit for anyone who loves any form of art, graffiti, street art and cute cafes. This place is a must visit. The artwork on some of these walls are massive and many of them have been created by some of the world’s most famous artist. I’m completely obsessed with this place!

One of my favorites from Wynwood

Lincoln Road (outdoor mall)

The next greatest place that I loved hanging out at in Miami is Lincoln Road which is an outdoor mall. It’s a long street packed with AMAZING restaurants, shops and more. This is a great place to visit for literally anyone. Everything is opened until really late, many restaurants still serve food past 12am on weekdays. There is the traditional commercial stores like H&M, MAC, Forever 21 but there are also other really cute stores to check out. It’s honestly a great place to visit during the day or night. It’s always packed with people and it’s definitely a great vibe to dine outdoors and people watch. If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, it’s totally like 3rd Street Promenade. Both tourism and locals hang out there.

Biggest Malls In America

Speaking of shopping and malls, Miami has 2 of the biggest malls in all of America! Yup! True story. The 3rd largest mall in America is Aventura Mall located in the city of Aventura and right by Sunny Isles. where I used to live. The 10th biggest mall in America is Sawgrass Mills, in Sunrise where I used to work at and also live for a short period of time. I personally think that Sawgrass Mills is bigger, it’s just massive and people literally get lost all the time. However, both malls are amazing malls to shop at and you can easily spend hours in them, if not days. I love both of these malls so much!

Everything is opened till Late

Being the night owl that I am, I love cities in the world that things stay open until late and Miami has you covered. Miami seems like a city that never sleeps and honestly, I don’t know how people ever get some sleep. There are always events going on, most restaurants serve food until 12am-4am (some even later) and people normally go out at 12am-1am and come home at 6am. Even if you don’t like to party, having restaurants stay open till late is always a plus in my world. The streets are always packed with people in South Beach.

Amazing Resturants

My hat might say Bahamas, but this is a restaurant on Ocean Drive in South Beach

Miami has AMAZZZZING restaurants! I mean seriously you guys, amazing. Such a big selection, such great food, literally everywhere you go. Many of the restaurants in Miami, like on Ocean Drive in South Beach or Lincon have great deals, sometimes lunch can be half off or come with drinks. Always check a few restaurants if you go to Ocean Drive to see who gives you the best deal.

For all these reasons and more, Miami is an amazing city to live in and I know someday in the future, I will move back there.

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Out of all the places in the world that I have lived in, Miami has every other place beat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miami!



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