10 Things I Did In Israel Over The Summer

Over the summer I had spent about 5 weeks in Israel, here is what I was up to!

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Sadly for me, 2 weeks of my trip were stolen from me because of the war. Luckily I got to do some pretty cool things before hand.

Here are: 10 Things I Did in Israel Over the Summer


Camping on the Beach

This was camping done right! Celebrating a good friend’s birthday, 15 of my friends and I decided to go camping on the beach. It was quite a production to my surprise! They hired a company to set up everything we needed and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

We had: 7 tents set up, a hang out area which was a good 20×10 feet long, with bean bags, chairs, tables, a BBQ, 8 huge coolers, a coffee maker, ice-cream, speakers, lighting, TV screens to watch the World Cup, ATVs and many more things I was surprised at. There was even a bag full of tooth brushes, tooth paste, mosquito spray, lotion, deodorant and shampoo, all in ridiculous amounts. You name it, we had it! Was quite the adventure, the only thing that was missing was a bathroom and I think we could have moved in!

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The Coca Cola Factory

I have been dying to go to The Coco Cola Factory since my mom promised me as a kid! It only took over 20 years to make it happen, but I finally did it and had a blast! The tour was about an hour long, featuring the history of Coca Cola. I got to see the largest collection of Coke cans from all around the world and see the first can that has been to the moon. I even got to make my own Coke bottle with my picture on it!

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Lots of Beach Time

I’m a die-hard fan of the beach and no trip to Israel is ever complete, if it doesn’t consist of a lot of time spend at the beach. Israel has some of the best beaches I have ever been to! During the summer, the beaches get packed with tourist from around the world and of course, Israelis. The ocean is a beautiful clear aqua color and warm just like the weather outside. There are great beach parties all over Tel Aviv and delicious restaurants right on the sand.

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Family & Friends

I got to spend a lot of time with my family and all of my friends, which is probably the main reason I go to Israel every summer. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than catching up with my old friends and spending quality time with my mom and sisters. It’s priceless.

45870_10152276173146902_8272755742719379894_n My baby sister, Almog.10439521_10152276174516902_5963222736023055665_n1544329_10152385045431902_1474410926891210050_n

Drag Queen Show

A girls fun night out! I sure do love my Drag Queen shows! The show “Holy Wigs” was phenomenal! It had great songs and dance moves and over 150 costume changes in just an hour!

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Fish Pedicure

I would definitely like to say that this experience was me facing my fears, as I have wanted to do this for so long now! But just the thought of fish chewing up on my dead skin, is kind of a creepy idea. More than that, I guess I thought it would hurt! I made a deal with the lady there, that I will try 15mins and see if I can handle the rest of the session because I was so scared! Turns out, I was wrong, it didn’t hurt at all and I ended up laughing through the whole thing. It was an interesting experience, to say the least.


White Night 

Every summer, Tel Aviv throws a White Night party throughout all the streets of Tel Aviv! It’s probably one of the funnest nights in Tel Aviv over the summer. Streets are blocked off for people to parade in and there are events all over the city. There’s many free concerts to attend, the transportation in the city is completely free and everything is open until the sun comes up!


Flamenco Show

I saw a beautiful Flamenco production by a close family friend, that completely blew me away and inspired me to take Flamenco classes.


Countryside Festival

Every year we have a family tradition to attend the annual Shavuot Festival at a small town in the south of Israel called Nahal Oz. Where we celebrate the countryside, usually dressed in white. The event has samples of dairy products, delicious food, wine, art & crafts, a hay maze, live music and much more. Most importantly, it’s a fun day, that I spent with my family and very close family friends, which I can basically call family.



Many people don’t realize this, but there was a SERIOUS war going on in Israel over the summer! Probably THE scariest experience of my entire life! Seeing movies and TV of what “War” is like and thinking how you would handle it, is far fetched from reality. The last two and a half weeks of my trip was spent: trying to hear sirens, running to bomb shelters, leaving my house only four times, seeing bombs in the sky with my very own eyes and making sure all my loved ones were ok. Up until I arrived at the airport and even then, as I was boarding the plane there was a bomb siren! Which made me cancel many trips that I normally make when visiting Israel, like the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. I was happy to leave, safely! Yet heartbroken to have left my loved ones behind, but I guess you take the good with the bad sometimes.

WHICH EXPERIENCE WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT? Let me know and I’ll make a post about it!

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