15 Most Popular Instagram Photos Of 2015


In 2015, my Instagram account took an amazing surprising turn and started getting recognized by thousands of Instagramers. My favorite social media outlet grew into almost 20,000 awesome followers from around the world and still keeps growing daily.

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Instagram has really changed my life, especially this year. I even wrote a blog post on “How To Create The Perfect Instagram Gallery & Get More Followers!“, which ended up going viral and getting me even more followers.

You can pretty much say that I live an instagrammable life. I eat instagrammable food, wear instagrammable clothes, seek instagrammable location and honestly, it’s been a blast creating my gallery. I’ve always been obsessed with Instagram for a few years now. I just love the creativity I get to create on there on a daily base. It keeps me inspired and active and at times even makes me less lazy because I know I need more awesome content for my gallery. So I make myself go, seek and explore, even on days where I’m not in the mood and feeling lazy.

So I’m pretty excited and happy that my hard work of always trying to get the perfect photos and the perfect Instagram gallery finally paid off, when over 15,000 new followers started following me.

I traveled a lot this year, visited 18 countries and did some pretty amazing things in 2015. So which Instagram photos were most popular this year? Find out now and the story behind each of those photos.

15. Disneyland, California


You’re never too old to make all your dreams come true! 💫💫💫💫

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

Celebrating my 30th Birthday at the one place you’re never too old to be a kid, Disneyland! My original birthday plans were to go to the Dominican Republic. Last minute things changed and I ended up not going. So I figured why not go to Disneyland, I hadn’t been there in years. Happy to say I had an amazing birthday!

14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A photo I wasn’t sure if even to upload, but something told me to just do it. On this day I took a fun and relaxing walk with my puppy, Peanut, just 2 minutes away from my house to enjoy the last of fall and the changing of the leaf colors. I’m so happy I went walking around that day and took some awesome photos. 3 days after I took this photo, there was a crazy rain storm and all the trees were naked. Happy I got to enjoy the last of fall.

13. Malibu, California


A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

Malibu is one of my favorite places to hang out in LA all year long, no matter what the weather is like. I normally like to go to Malibu alone to reflect, write, clear my head and get inspired. However, on this day I spent some time with one of my all time best friends and Peanut, just simply enjoying the sun! It was honestly the perfect day in Malibu.

12. Malibu, California

30 and flirty! Lol I used to want to turn 30 when I was little just to be able to say that. Today is my last day being in my 20’s!!! And as scary and weird as that is to me, at how fast that happened, (since I still feel like I’m 24 or 13 going on 30) when I look back at the last 10 years of my life or even the last year, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I am full of gratitude because I know how blessed I have been. I always did what I wanted, when I wanted it, I never cared what anyone thought about it. I lived in so many amazing places in the world like #Malibu, #NYC, #Miami, #Israel, Washington DC/Baltimore and I guess you can say up high in the #sky on a plane. I got my #dream car when I was only 21, partied with celebrities, almost got married once and traveled all over the world. I spent a million and one hours, eating pasta, risotto, butter and sour cream. I tried my hand at a million different careers until I found my true love for traveling, studied so many different things, learned more hard lessons and good lessons than the average person. I fell in love more than once, which came with getting my heart broken a bunch by friends and lovers, but I also met some of the most amazingest people in this world. Yet some things will never change about me, like my outrageously strong personality, attitude, opinions and stubbornness. My silliness and child like ways, my passion and drive to success and seeing and doing everything I ever dreamed of and wanting to make a difference. The amazing love I have for my family and the fact that I can’t live without Malibu. I have had an amazing life, with no regrets and I can’t wait to see what G*d has in store for me, for the next 10 years! 😆

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

A heart to heart caption, a day before my 30th Birthday. I confess my age and reflect on my life in my 20’s with one of the longest, if not THE longest caption I ever wrote on Instagram, but also very meaningful.

11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Exploring my new city 🏰 #Philly

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

My first official day living in Philly! I remember being amazed just how beautiful Philly really was, I seriously had no idea. There is so much history here and beautiful buildings that have been standing tall for over 200 years!

10. Netanya, Israel

Hello from Israel! Finally in my second home. 💙WOW! This beach in Israel is amazing! 🇮🇱 #israel

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

My baby sister’s big day. This photo was taken the day of her Bat Mitzvah, which was held at a beach hotel in Netanya, Israel. When I saw the amazing ocean view I was seriously blown away. Growing up, I never realized just how beautiful Israel really was, but the older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to be from such a beautiful country.

9. Paris, France

The perfect way to enjoy the perfect view! Who wants some???? 😆🗼🍦 #paris #icecreamwithaview

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

The perfect way to spend a summer day in Paris! Eating ice cream with a view!

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’m not sure if it was the beautiful photo of Philly that had people confused if it’s New York or my exciting news that I was moving to yet another foreign city, but this photo got 400 likes in less than 24hrs.

7. Netanya, Israel

Happy Monday Everyone! 💙 Nothing like spending the perfect day at the #beach in Tel Aviv! #TLV #israel #yestheyarereal

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

Like the hashtag says, Yes, they are real! lol I always get so much smack from people who think my breast are fake, so I just wanted to clarify that yes, they are real. 😉

6. Santa Monica, California

California Dreaming 💜💗💛🌴 #vanillaskydreaming

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

California Dreaming! The caption says it all. These are the moments I love about living in LA. Beautiful sunset, palm trees and beaches everyday of the year.

5. Port of Tel Aviv, Israel


A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

One of my favorite places to visit every time I come to Israel is the Port of Tel Aviv. It’s always been a hot location for nightlife, but in most recent years it was renovated and has become one of the top attractions in Tel Aviv. I catch the perfect sunset on a solo walk around the port, while waiting to meet one of my girlfriends for sushi.

4. Paris, France

Perfection! 🇫🇷💋🗼 #EiffelTower

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

Paris in the summer looks just like a perfect postcard. This was literally, the perfect summer day spent in Paris.

3. Paris, France

This is what the perfect day in Paris looks like. 💙🇫🇷

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

One of my most memorable moments of 2015, makes it to the #3 spot, when I fell in love with Paris the second time around. Just a perfect moment spent with myself, over looking one of the world’s most iconic location.

2. Netanya, Israel

Born for the beach 💙 #beachlife 🐚 #bikini

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

A girl in a bikini, always sells on Instagram.

I’m always asked why I never post any photos of me in a bikini or more sexy photos. To be honest, it’s just not what my Instagram account is about. I’m not going for the “Sexy, hot, girl look”. I’m really past that phase in my life. I want my Instagram account to reflect the beauty of my travels and this beautiful world. However, this was a fun and memorable day spent with my baby sister, Almog, who I never really get to see much, since she moved to Israel. It’s always been our thing to runaway from home and escape to the beach, just the 2 of us and hey, I was feeling pretty good about my body this day after turning 30 this year. I also think that as a woman, it’s important to embrace your femininity and always be grateful and proud of the body you were given.
1. Kerala, India

I’ve always been such a sucker for the perfect #sunset. A true vanilla sky moment 💗 #heaven

A photo posted by Vanilla Sky Dreaming (@hofitkimcohen) on

Funny enough, I wasn’t even sure if I should actually post this photo. The only reason I did was to add some colors to my gallery, but hey, I guess it worked out to my benefit. This photo was taken during my first sunset in Kerala, India, while being hosted by a hotel for afternoon coffee and desserts over looking the beach. I wasn’t really interested in neither the coffee or the dessert the moment I saw the sky changing into such beautiful colors. I could have sat there for hours, if only the sky decided to not changing into dark.

So there you have it! My post popular Instagram photos! Which of these photos is your favorite? 

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