15 Things About London

London! Who hasn’t wanted to visit one of the world’s most famous cities. I know since I was a kid this was definitely a place I had to visit! I absolutely fall in love with this city, although it is probably one of the most expensive places to visit, London just has something very special about it. Here are a few random facts that you might have not known about London.


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IMG_2784The Streets are Curvy: this I found pretty cool and weird! Their streets have the oddest shapes! lol I’m not sure what it means, but I really hope it doesn’t mean to go in the direction of the curves haha.IMG_2786
Everything is Really Red: it really is! The mail boxes, the phone booths, certain streets, the buses, all the signs! It’s pretty awesome actually!IMG_2781
Phone Booths Really Do Exist: seeing as everyone in the new age now owns their own cellphones, made me think that those red iconic phone booths dont exist anymore, but they actually do! and people actually use them! bedford-hotel-single
Rooms are Super Expensive: for the quality of what your actually getting! I’m from LA and I’m used to going to Las Vegas and for $100 bucks you get a pretty sick ass room! But in London things are VERY different! I was recommended to stay at one of the hotels by my tour company I was taking. The prices seemed too expensive for me for the quality of the room I was getting, it was £88 a night, which is about $150 a night, but I was traveling solo and had to stay there 4 days. Wanting to save money $600, I booked a sister hotel for £60 and when I got there I was shocked for my life! My room was the size of a walk-in closet, with NO bathroom and NO shower! Not to mention the room looked like a rape scene from a movie. I quickly cancelled my reservation and checked into the other hotel which was down the street. Nothing like Vegas! I’ll put it at that 😉 but at least I had a clean shower and bathroom. (Imperial London Hotels, above is the “nicer” hotel lol) IMG_3460Everyone Speaks English: !!! Ain’t that nice!? But its true, the cool thing is as opposed to going to different foreign countries is that people actually speak English, which takes away from all the confusion and frustration in other places.IMG_3376Black Cabs: Are in a classy 1950’s style! They are just to die for beautiful! Although I didn’t take one because I choose to mainly walk everywhere and use the bus system. These beautiful babies are a pretty expensive ride, not like in NYC.IMG_2801Men Peeing in Public: hahaha yes seriously! So there is this sort of bathroom for men right out in public places, where you literally unzip your pants IN PUBLIC and pee through this public bathroom! The one best way to explain is by picture! So here is a picture of my dear friend Scott trying it out! hahaha ridiculous. IMG_2804Beer is Cheap: Although not everywhere but most places beer is pretty cheap from what I’ve seen, £2 some places can also be £5-£7 .IMG_3336Double Decker Buses are Real Buses: this I personally didn’t know, I thought they were only tourist buses, but in fact all the buses in London look like a scene from Austin Powers. my-german-wallpaper-sweeney-todd-6438655-1024-768Sweeney Todd Really did Happen: yup its true! For those of you who don’t know the story of Sweeney Todd you must see the movie, starring Johnny Depp. London has a Ghost Tour for all those who love all those haunted tales, you should probably add this to your visit. They take you to all the spots, including the Bakery in Sweeney Todd. It is called London Ghost Walk and Tours, Sweeney Todd and Other Demons.IMG_3362The Big Ben is Gorgeous in Person: its just a beautiful master piece! Especially on a rainy day when the sky is gray, is when you really notice all the gold plating on it. I know we have all seen it in photos, but in person its just wow! WindsorChangingOfTheGuard1Changing of the Guards: well you want see Price William or Kate but if you go to Buckingham Palace, everyday there is a ceremony at 11:15am that last about 45mins and you will see the changing of the guards. A must while visiting London. imageQueen B: They love their Queen and she is everywhere! Postcards, t-shirts, billboards, ect. IMG_3328London’s Bridge is Super Blue!: It almost looks like a lego model piece. It was huge, fancy and intimidating up until you get close and realize it’s baby blue! IMG_2761London’s Speech: The loo is the bathroom and a fag is a cigarette. So don’t get offended if someone asks you for a fag. 😉




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