16 Ways To Surviving The Cold Winter Of Europe

iceland waterfall in hofit kim cohen

Getting your winter wonderland dream come true on a trip to Europe, can be awesome! Europe has so many special things to see only during the winter time. With Christmas markets in almost every major city, ice-skating ranks, Christmas decoration, lights and snow everywhere, there is no better place to experience the true holiday spirit. But of course, all that experience can go to waste if you’re uncomfortably freezing cold. Let’s just say it has been a freezing euro-trip so far but, I’m lovin’ it!

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So try out some of these tips to make your trip far more enjoyable. 

*Leggings, fleece and thermal will save your life.

*Only wear leather boots, otherwise you will suffer and not feel your feet.

*Rain boots are plastic, they may make it fun to walk in the rain, but they will never make you warm.

*Scarfs are amazing and can be used in different way, including a head cover and warming up your face.
*Don’t buy white gloves.

*Always have a long coat but, be prepared to also have a rain coat, you never know when rain or snow will appear out of no where. You may sometimes even get stuck in a snow storm.


*I sometimes find it that the simplest gloves, can sometimes be better than leather gloves.

*Beanies are a must for weather 40’F degrees or colder. They protect your ears as well, which can be super painful if not protected. Also a fun fact, if your head is warm then the rest of your body will be. It’s the reason we put beanies on newborns right after they are born.

*Keep your hands and feet active to keep the blood flow going, so you won’t freeze to death.

*Make stops throughout the day to defrost yourselves and get some hot beverage in your system.

*Be sure to buy thick socks and if not double up on them. If your feet are cold it can ruin your whole day.

*If you know you’re going to a place that’s probably going to rain, you should definitely buy a waterproof case for your phone.

hofit kim cohen in Amsterdam

*I highly recommend bringing medicine for a cold & flu because everyone is sick this time of the year and chances are you will be too. It’s better to be prepared than to try and look for medicine in a foreign country.

*Layers isn’t always key. Quality Vs quantity is. Don’t just put on a million layers, dress warmer and you’ll be so much more comfortable.

*Ladies, kiss your high heels goodbye. You will have a painful and cold long night ahead of you. Instead wear comfortable knee high boots. You will be much happier, comfortable and warmer.

*and don’t forget to bring an umbrella!



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