20 Countries I Want To Visit Next

countries to visit next

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Less than a year ago, when I first started my blog, I wrote a blog post about the ‘Next 4 Countries I wanna Visit‘. At the time I gave myself a 2 year period to visit them, not knowing what the future holds. I went to Greece and Iceland, in 4 days I’m going to India and have booked my plans for Thailand in October, which all made me realize that maybe I didn’t set my goal high enough. So I decided to make a more challenging goal for the next 2 years. Every day and every month, I discover a new place and have a craving to visit there. But these countries hold a strong place in my heart. Find out countries I want to visit next and why.



Why? Since 6th grade, I’ve been dreaming of visiting Egypt and seeing the Pyramids. I love history and I love the history of ancient Egypt.



Why? In the last few years I’ve had a serious itch to go to South Africa. My best friend just finished filming a TV show there and loved it. I’ve also had a few close friends visit recently and heard amazing things about Cape Town and Johannesburg. I would love to see the wildlife of South Africa, visit an African tribe and learn about the culture.



Why? Awwwww Thailand! I’ve heard all the amazing stories about Thailand for years now from so many friends that have visited. It’s the country most visited by Israelis, most go after they finish the army and I know more than 50 people that have been. I’ve been planning to go to Thailand almost every year around Sept/Oct time for the last 5 years. I just always knew that visiting Thailand isn’t a couple of days trip, it’s a trip to take for a few weeks to a month. So setting that amount of time isn’t easy. However, this year I have plans to go to Thailand in October for a travel bloggers conference and it’s set! I’m going no matter what!



Why? WOW Antarctica! I never really considered visiting Antarctica up until this year, when I heard all the amazing stories from the man that’s been everywhere, Lee Abbamonte, who most recently visited The South Pole. After hearing and reading his stories of Antarctica, along with a few other travel bloggers I adore, I felt like Antarctica has been calling my name. I seriously keep running into Antarctica related things, like documentaries on the plane and stumbling across beautiful photos. I don’t think I’m gonna go as far as visiting the South Pole anytime soon, but I think just visiting anywhere Antarctica would be incredible. Antarctica, isn’t a cheap country to visit AT ALL! So this trip will need to be planned months in advance, not like my other spontaneous trips. But don’t worry Antarctica, I’m coming for you soon!



Why? So I went to Brazil about 13 years ago, when I visited the Iguazu Falls with my family and spent a week there. But I didn’t get to see the most visited cities like Rio and San Paulo, which I’ve been thinking of visiting for a few years now. I would also love love LOVE to visit Bahia, which is a small city located on the eastern coastline of Brazil. I first discovered this beautiful gem, while watching one of my all time favorite movies, Woman On Top with Penelope Cruz in 2001. On top of that, Brazilian music is my favorite foreign music and I listen to Brazilian music all the time! I love their culture from what I saw and would love to explore more of it.



Why? Cuba has always been a country that I’ve been curious about. I would love to go back in time to the 1950’s and see all the beautiful classic cars, the architecture and learn more about the culture. This is just one of those third world countries, you have to visit.



Why? After visiting Iceland most recently, I decided that I have to go see Greenland. This country is the closest thing to Antarctica. I fell in love with Iceland and I know I will just love Greenland. Luckily for me, the only way to go to Greenland is to go through Iceland and I would LOVE to visit Iceland again. So this will be a trip to plan together.



Why? I was planning on visiting Belize for my past Birthday over the summer, but do to my traumatic experience over this past summer in Israel during the war (operation protective edge), I decided to take a small break from travels. I have done all the research about Belize and I can’t wait to visit there soon.



Why? This country is the closest thing to Bora Bora, with beautiful beach huts and crystal clear water. This place is much cheaper than Bora Bora, although not entirely cheap, but just as beautiful. A lot of bloggers have been making their way there this year and I want to join in on the party and experience the beautiful islands of the Maldives. I was planning on visiting there on my trip to India, but last minute things didn’t work out, so I’ll save it for another trip.


tuula vintage

Why? I’ve actually visited Turkey twice already, but I haven’t been to Cappadocia and Pamukkale. I’ve been dying to take a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful rocks and caves of Cappadocia for so long now! Pamukkale has these gorgeous salt pools that look ridiculous in photos.


spice market marrakech

Why? Since I’m half Moroccan, Morocco has always made me curious and I’ve wanted to visit Marrakech and Casablanca for years.



Why? Since I discovered the salt flats desert in Bolivia, I’ve been dying to visit Bolivia! The salt flats have been high up on my bucket list for years! I know it’s a beautiful country and I can’t wait to go there.



Why? The Philippines islands look like a dream! I really wanna go there on my next trip to Asia.



Why? When I visit Thailand, I know I have to also visit Vietnam. I love looking at photos of Vietnam, there is something so special about this country. I would love to learn more about the culture, visit the rice fields and temples.



Why? I’ve wanted to visit Madagascar for a few years now. I’m obsessed with their Grandidier’s baobab trees! I also watched a documentary on Madagascar a few nights ago and I know I would love it.



Why? Bali! Bali! Bali! Dreaming of Bali since I read ‘Eat Pray Love’, what girl hasn’t? Bali has always seemed like the perfect relaxing getaway to clear your head and get inspired. The rice fields, the beaches and the kickback lifestyle, has always made me wanna go. It’s very high up on my list of places to visit.



Why? Always very curious about Cambodia and it’s cultural traditions. When I finally make my way to Thailand, this will also be a stop on my trip.



Why? I feel like everyone always dreams of visiting Australia. I’ve befriended so many Australians on my past travels to Europe that I just can’t wait to visit all my amazing friends that live there. Besides that, Australia has everything you can ever want in a trip. You got city life, wildlife, beaches, the outback, it just seems perfect in every way. I’ve been dying to see the Whitehaven Beach for so long now. This will be a few weeks trip.



Why? I’ve had many friends that also visited the Dominican Republic and heard great things. The resorts there are stunning and totally affordable.


Arenal 9

Why? I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica, I almost bought a vacation trip there on Groupon a few times. I would love to go ziplining through the jungles there, visit the volcanoes, see beautiful waterfalls and experience the culture.


So there you have it, my 5 year plan! I’m kidding, but really, I hope to do as many of these as possible, my goal would be in a 2 year time period. But only time can tell…




6 Responses to 20 Countries I Want To Visit Next

  1. That’s so cool that you’re half-Moroccan! I actually just got back from a 10-day trip to Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara, and Tangier. This is such a great list–I want to go to these places, too! Cuba especially before America leaves its mark…

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  2. Always remember you have a home and friend in the Philippines just in case you push through with the trip. 😀 You will surely not regret it especially if you like white sand beaches and scenic places 😀

    • I don’t think it is, I’ve had many close friends that have been a few times. If a country doesn’t have toilet seats in almost every public setting or toilet paper, toilet paper is very hard and rare to find, most people use newspaper and leave the toilet paper to guest. Resturants don’t have napkins, fabric diapers are used, there isn’t clothing stores, ect. It’s a 3rd world country. Someone in my family is very rich and went there, stayed at a 5 star hotel and the most expesive one that was there and grossed out to sleep there because of the bugs. Just saying. That doesn’t sounds like a 2nd world country to me.

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