20 Ways Of Giving Back

Giving back is important. You may think you’re only 1 person, but there is a famous quote that goes like this, “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” Just as it’s important to receive, it’s also important to give back. It shows gratitude, when you’re grateful for what you have and show it by helping others, you will begin to attract positive things into your life. Here are 20 simply ways of giving back.


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Buy TOMS shoes- One for One! Every time you buy TOMS, the company sends a pair to person in need.


Planting a Tree- It by not seem like a lot to most people, but trees create oxygen and clean air, among many things.


Donate to the homeless- donating as simple as $1 or more, can go a long way for someone in need. It can simply give them a meal or can add up to something they might need like medication if they are sick. Also clothes and food.


Donating $1 at restaurants or stores for a cause- Many stores all over run donation campaigns, for things like children hospitals, make a wish foundation and more. Your wallets already opened, what’s another dollar.


Volunteering- My 2 favorite places to volunteer at is PATH (People Assisting The Homeless ) and The Ronald McDonald House which helps families with children battling cancer and tumors. Find an organization and your area and give back, it’s an amazing feeling.


Donating Clothes- Every few months, clean out your closet and donate the clothes you no longer want or wear. I can never through away clothes, when knowing there are so many in need. There are many places to donate clothes so before you think of throwing away your old clothes, call around and see who is willing to take them.


Donating Blood- can save the life of 3 people! That’s huge!


Researching an Organization that you Believe in- My favorite non-profit organization has to be LOVE 146, it saves child trafficking and helps them after they have been saved. It’s an amazing cause and I highly recommend watching the videos on there site to get a bit more educated and find out how they came up with the name. 


Tipping Extra for Good Service- I think this is very important, if you had good service at a restaurants or anywhere for that matter of fact. Tip extra to show you appreciation.


Adopt a Pet- instead of buying a dog, adopt one. There are so many pets being killed everyday because of low storage space, it’s heartbreaking.


Sign a Petition- There are many good causes that need people to sign a petition for. One being “Ask Sea World to release their Orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries”, if anyone has seen Blackfish you know what I’m talking about and those that haven’t really need to. It’s so simple and can take just a few seconds online.


Helping a Loved One-Sometimes we get so involved and helping others that we forget the people that are most important to us. It can be something simply as just being there for a friend in need or helping a family member financially. It is said in The Bible, that helping a loved one in need, is actually more important than helping a stranger.

Feeding Ducks--Ducks

Feeding the Ducks at the Park- so simple and easy, but think about it…everyone’s gotta eat. 😉


Being Kind to People- of course in general to everyone but especially people like busboys, maids and janitor. Most people don’t give them the respect that they deserve and they have one of the hardest jobs. Be kind say hello, thank you and if your working at a restaurants have a conversation with them. A simple kind word can go a long way and make someone’s day. 😉


Take your Food to go and Give it to Someone in Need- a lot of times we over order and don’t end up touching some of the good we ordered, give it to someone in need.


Recycle- bottles and cans! or anything you can think of. Save earth.


Save Water- most of us are fortunate enough to have clean running waters, but other countries may be low on water supply. In general be eco-friendly and don’t just leave the water running when brushing your teeth, turn it off until you really need to use it. Fun fact, you run the tap for 90 seconds while you put toothpaste on your brush, brush, and then wash out your mouth. Your faucet flows at 2.5 gallons per minute. Under these assumptions, you use around 1400 gallons of water per year (2.5 gallons per minute times 1.5 minutes per day times 365 days per year).


Pick Up the Trash at The Beach- please pick up after yourself and if you see other trash just sitting there, don’t just walk away, pick it up. If each other just picked up 1 single piece of trash off the beach that’s 7 billion pieces! It will keep our oceans clean and help marine life live longer.


Help Someone Find a Job- The highest level of donation is helping someone find a job, because this gives that person ongoing income.


Volunteer in a Foreign Country- this would probably have to be the biggest thing you can possibly do. There are so many volunteer programs all over the world. I actually went on a volunteer program in Israel 4 years ago for 5 months, named Oranim, where we helped better a small city. On my volunteer program we did things like teach kids English, help the elderly, clean the beaches, help at a soup kitchen and more. I have a friend who volunteered in Nepal to each children English. It’s a great life experience.



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