3 Ways to Be Self-Indulgent While Traveling

3 Ways to Be Self-Indulgent While Traveling

When you go away, it might be that you’re on vacation, heading to a destination you chose with people whose company you enjoy. On the other hand, it may be that you’re on a business trip that you’d rather avoid – and you might resent having to leave your family at home while you attend a conference in another country. However, when a trip has been imposed upon you by the demands of work, you can always factor in some time and juggle your itinerary for a little fun and decadence. Here are just a few suggestions of how you can add some decadent and self-indulgent activities into the itinerary.

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Enjoy Some Great Food

Eating out is an easy way to spoil yourself, and while you’re visiting another country or city, it’s an ideal opportunity to sample the best cuisine there is on offer.

Do a little research to find out which eating establishments have the best reputation and make sure to book a table early if there’s somewhere you really want to try. For instance, in Barcelona, you can get tapas in a number of restaurants on every street, but if you want to eat at Tickets Bar in El Raval, you’ll need to book a table two months in advance.

And if you’re traveling solo, avoid staying in to eat room service food all the time. Be brave and book a table out, you very well might make some new friends!

Roll the Dice!

If you feel like being decadent, then going to play some casino games is a great idea, especially if you limit yourself to a specific budget. Plenty of cities have some kind of casino gaming available – you don’t have to be headed to the bright lights of a resort such as Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. Check out the casino scene in the city you’re staying in and make a night of it – if you’re with work colleagues, it’s a great way to socialize. It’s not just the thrill of the games, visiting a casino is a perfect excuse to dress up and have a few cocktails too.


If you’re a casino novice, have a few practice rounds of the games you want to play online. Most casino sites now offer a sign up bonus. For instance, Betway casino gives its new players the possibility of getting up to €500 on their first and second deposits as well as allowing practice play on all its games. That way, a player can get to grips with American, French or European roulette and even multi-wheel roulette before deciding where to place a real-money bet. There’s also the possibility of playing with live dealers on the site, so you can feel confident once you step into a bricks-and-mortar casino.

Have a Relaxing Treatment

When you’re away from home, you could use some of your free time to have a beauty treatment or alternative therapy. Never had a mud wrap? If your hotel has a spa, why not try one? Maybe you feel like booking a relaxing hot stone or aromatherapy massage, or perhaps you need a deep tissue massage to deal with that tension in your neck and shoulders. If the place you’re staying in doesn’t have spa facilities, they’ll be sure to have details of one that’s close by. Better still, plan ahead and do some research on the best beauty and relaxation treatments in the city you’re heading to. If you’re going to be in New York, for instance, you’re sure to find a treatment to suit you in the luxurious surroundings of one of these spas.


If you have meetings to go to, facials might not be the best choice, as some people can find their skin is a little blotchy for a day or so afterwards. In that case, it’s probably best to stick to a body treatment such as a salt or sugar scrub. Alternatively, if you’d rather stay fully clothed while you’re being pampered, just book yourself in for a relaxing manicure or pedicure.

All these activities are things we can do at home or in our own cities, of course. But when you’re living your daily routine, those pockets of free time aren’t always as readily available as when you’re travelling. So make the most of any downtime while you’re away and treat yourself a little!



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