5 Of The Best Healthy & On The Go Snacks For Traveling

Shine Organic

I won’t lie to you but for some reason, I always feel like I’m rushing somewhere in life. Like I never have enough time to eat or sleep. I’m also always late and so last minute and in many cases have so many things scheduled back to back that I forget to eat or just don’t have time to eat. Is anyone else like that?

This also happens to me right before I fly somewhere. For some reason, at least for me, it always seems like I’m on a reality TV show of trying to win a million dollars and get to the finishing line first before everyone else.

I’m always packing late, always making sure that I remembered to do all the things I was supposed to do before I left my house. You know like turning off all my lights, throwing away food I know will go bad. Meanwhile rushing downstairs because my ride to the airport is already here, and here I am running back into my house because I think I might have forgotten something on my packing list. I’m always stuck in traffic, running through the airport trying to make it to the gate in time and many times I literally get enough time to use the restroom and get in line for boarding and then I end up starving my life away and not feeling good. I’ve also never been a person who likes airplane food, I mean who does right? So in recent events, I’ve actually started packing with me a few easy to go snacks that don’t take much effort. All you have to do is throw them into your bag and you’re all good.

I will say that to some, I may come off as “a problem child” because I am very picky with what I allow myself to eat. I’m a vegetarian for 25 years and in the last 3 years practically vegan with a few small exceptions to dairy like cheese, but never milk. I also really strongly believe that you are what you eat and if there is an organic choice, I’ll always go with it before anything else. You tell me it’s vegetarian/vegan AND organic and you’ve sold me on a place or a food type.

Traveling can be very exhausting, even if you only have a 2hr flight. The prep you have to do before a flight, the hours you have to get the airport before departure, check-in, go through security, the act of actually flying, I mean I personally think it’s exhausting and food is very important factor in all of this to keep your energy going. I know that there are those times where I don’t get much to eat before a flight and I literally end up getting sick. So grab a few healthy snacks with you and keep that energy going for the long haul. Here are my top 5 easy to go snacks to take with you when you’re traveling, working out, hiking or on the go.

Pecans & Almonds

OK let me be the first to tell you, I have become completely obsessed with Pecans on a whole other level and it all started during my last trip to Israel over this summer. 3 days before my flight, I decided that I wanted to buy a few healthy snacks for my flight back since at the airport all you mostly find is junk food. Most of us know this, but for those who don’t, nuts are a great source of protein and iron. They are also healthy fats that your body needs and ideally, they say almonds actually help give you a flat belly. So I ended up getting 3 bags of Pecans, almonds and another kind of nut and oh my gosh, greatest thing ever. Ever since, my flight I’m like obsessively buying Pecans (and almonds, more so pecans) and eating them almost every day. It’s such a healthy snack to munch on. Better than eating some Cheetos bag full of nothing (although delicious).

Anyways, guys, it’s all about the nuts! Buy them, throw them in your purse, bag, suitcase, in your car, it’s a lifesaver and will give you energy.

Shine Organics

Shine OrganicShine Organic

ok totally loving this! I’ve always been a smoothie girl! LOVE SMOOTHIES! Now, this is amazing, it’s smoothie on the go! Which you can find at any Target near the applesauce section. You don’t even need to technically refrigerate it, although it’s clearly better cold. They currently have few different flavors type. They all have Chia in it (chia also super healthy for you), which is also a long life obsession of mine. Chai Latte has always been my Starbuck drink of choice, but anyways, this is a quick and healthy snack on the go. Each Shine Organics Pouch contains a special blend of organic, super ingredients, mindfully made to feed the moment. It contains real fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, and nutritious superfoods. They are an excellent source of vitamin A & C, potassium, fiber, OMEGA-3 and more.

This is seriously great to throw in your purse to drink after a workout, hike, for a road trip or a day spent at the airport. It will fill you up. Each package comes with 4 inside and I also have a coupon for you guys.

CLICK HERE for Coupon for $1 off a 4 pack


Banana is seriously the first thing I have every morning. It’s the perfect snack that won’t make you too full but fixes your hunger craving. I personally think it fills you up for a little bit if you don’t have time to grab some food. I mean, come on? Who doesn’t love bananas? and in most places they are less than a $1.

Cherry Tomatoes 

So I basically eat cherry tomatoes every day when I’m not traveling. It’s always my go-to snack whenever I’m hungry, lazy and want a quick easy healthy fix. I just wash them and eat them straight from the box. You’ll never come to my house and not find a ridiculous amount of cherry tomatoes in my fridge. Love it.

Power Bar

For over 10 years now, I’ve loved the vanilla flavor Power Bar. It’s a great item to always have in your car or purse as a source of protein and energy. I personally don’t like protein bars with chocolate, I think it’s too much, too sweet. So for those of you who are on the same boat with me, this would be perfect.


THAT’S IT GUYS! What are your favorite Snacks on the go? I’d love to hear! Comment below!



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