5 Luxury Destinations in the World for a Romantic Getaway

Venice Italy

The world is a beautiful place and a great place to explore with your partner. Going on a romantic getaway is a great way to experience somewhere new as a couple, spend some quality time together and create many happy memories together. With plenty of destinations to pick from here are some of our favorite luxury destinations for a Romantic getaway.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Romantic getaway

Romance is also about passion, which is exactly what you will find in Buenos Aires. A bustling city with many romantic cultural activities, fine dining and an electric nightlife; you will certainly create many happy memories here. It is also a great luxurious getaway with many brilliant parks, restaurants and boutiques which are ideal for couples. The Palermo neighborhood is a must for couples visiting this colorful city.


Venice, Italy

Venice Italy

You cannot get more luxurious than Venice. A floating city which almost feels like a dream world, taking a trip on a gondola along the beautiful canals will be perhaps the most romantic experience of your life. You can also explore the city by foot and live life at a leisurely pace in the many romantic cafes, bars and restaurants found here.


Maui, Hawaii


Strolling hand in hand on a golden sand beach alongside turquoise waters is the epitome of romance, and there is nowhere better to do this than Maui. Not only will you find the greatest beaches in the world here, but you can also explore quaint Hawaiian villages and hike through lush valleys for some adventure to go along with the luxury. Haleakala National Park is also a must for mesmerizing views of the island.


Kyoto, Japan


You will struggle to find somewhere more peaceful, serene and beautiful than Kyoto, which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. In addition to the beautiful temples, shrines and palaces; Kyoto also has lush gardens, breathtaking mountains and cherry-blossom trees lining the sidewalks. Be sure to take a romantic boat trip along the cherry-blossom-lined Okazaki Canal where you will fall in love all over again.


Paris, France

Paris France

When you think of romantic destinations, Paris is likely to be the first that springs to mind. This is for good reason, as the French capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is perfect for exploring with that special someone. Go up the Eifel Tower, take a trip down the Seine, explore the Louvre, enjoy a candlelit meal at a bistro or simply meander the streets and stop off at various cafes and bars whilst people watching together.


These luxury romantic destinations will see you return more in love than ever, with plenty of fantastic shared memories. For a totally unique and magical trip, specialist travel agents, such as Exsus, specialize in these types of tailor-made luxury vacations for couples seeking romance or planning a lavish getaway.




*This is a collaborative post. As always, my opinions are of my own. Images courtesy of Exsus Travel.



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