60 Ridiculous Questions Every Traveler Asks Themselves


Let’s face it, somewhere between planning our trip and actually traveling, we all at some point have these ridiculous questions we ask ourselves. They all start with “what if”, “why” and “Should I…”. Some of these questions we don’t know why we ask, others we know the answer to and some we just genuinely want an answer for!

It’s all good though, because sometimes we all tend to lose it a little bit with all the stress of the “travel world”.

Here’s 60 ridiculous questions every traveler asks themselves

  1. Where should I go?
  2. How many countries do I wanna visit?
  3. How many days should I go for?
  4. What site has the best deals?
  5. Should I book it now? or later?
  6. What if it cost too much later?
  7. What if I don’t have enough money?
  8. Why are some hotels so disgusting?
  9. Why do some hotels still exist?
  10. Why are flights so expensive?
  11. Why does THIS hotel cost so much?
  12. Why is this hotel so cheap?
  13. Should I just stay in a hostel?
  14. Should I spoil myself? It’s only $100 more…
  15. 5 star hotel? or maybe 4 star? wait 3 stars has a pretty good deal…now I’m confused…hmmmm
  16. What if it’s far?
  17. How much is a first class upgrade? I just wanna see!
  18. Am I gonna meet the love of my life?
  19. Do I really wanna go with _________ on this trip?
  20. What if we get into a fight?
  21. What should I do about my mail?
  22. Did I over pack?
  23. Did I pack too much shoes?
  24. Will I get charged an overweight fee?
  25. What if I forgot something?
  26. What if its super cold?
  27. What if it’s super hot?
  28. What if I miss my flight?
  29. What if I have a bad seat on the plane?
  30. Do you think they’ll have good food on the plane or bad?
  31. What if I get homesick?
  32. Why do I have to pay so much money to check in my bags? It used to be free.
  33. Why is renting a cart for my suitcases cost so much? I swear last time I was here, it was $2 less.
  34. Why is there so many people at the airport?
  35. Why does the security line take forever?
  36. What will I do on my layover?
  37. What if I cant fall asleep on the plane?
  38. What if they don’t have good movies on the plane?
  39. What if we crash?
  40. How do I get rid of my jet-lag?
  41. What do I do? I can’t fall asleep!
  42. Why is it so humid?
  43. Why is the bathroom so gross?
  44. Why is that person staring at me?
  45. Why is this place so dirty?
  46. What if I get lost?
  47. What if I get robbed?
  48. What if I get raped?
  49. What if I get kidnapped?
  50. What would I do, if I accidentally ate something weird?
  51. Why doesn’t anyone speak English?
  52. Why is everyone so nice to me?
  53. I am so scared, what if I died?
  54. Why is everything here so much money?
  55. This place is amazing, what if I moved here?
  56. I wonder how much it would cost to change my flight?
  57. Why is there such bad wifi?
  58. Why is there no wifi? 🙁
  59. Why does it cost so much to change your ticket date?
  60. Why do I have to go home?
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