7 Of The Best & Instagrammable Hotels In Palm Springs – Luxury, Retro & Chic

7 Of The Best & Instagramable Hotels In Palm Springs - Luxury, Retro & Chic

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Palm Springs! When I was a kid, Palm Springs, wasn’t the cool place it is today, it was actually the complete opposite. It was a place where “old people lived” — that’s what the 12-year-old in me thought. It wasn’t far from the truth though, it was a place where people went to retire. It was a quiet, little city in the middle of nowhere, which totally reminded me of the city I was born in called Arad in Israel and growing up I visited Palm Springs well over 10 times.

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7 Of The Best & Instagramable Hotels In Palm Springs - Luxury, Retro & Chic

However, as the years went on, Palm Springs became more and more cool and more Instagrammable — most recently with Coachella which takes place in Palm Springs. Almost all of the hotels in Palm Springs did some major renovation in the theme of retro chic (Coachella style) and it completely changed Palm Springs for the better. So many of the hotels there now are SO Coachella themed, very 1960’s and 1970’s style, BUT like I said, renovated! I personally love that theme, it’s so Instagram. You can take a million beautiful photos in each and every hotel there. I even created a Coachella retro theme lookbook video for my YouTube channel because I was so inspired by it. This video will give you a better visual understanding of what Palm Springs looks like and the hotels there.

I’ve both visited and stayed at many of these hotels since I do live in LA and it’s the perfect weekend getaway.

So here is a collection of the best and most Instagramable hotels in Palm Springs!

L’Horizon Resort & Spa 

L'Horizon Resort & Spa 

1050 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264

I’ve always been completely obsessed with the decor of the L’Horizon Resort & Spa. The rooms remind me of a scene from Kill Bill or Charlies Angels. 

The stunning L’Horizon Resort & Spa has a secluded desert vibe made for the perfect relaxing weekend getaway. The resort features a few fun activities for guest to enjoy including free bike rental and hiking guides. It also has a spa, swimming pool, offers free wifi and is pet-friendly.


Parker Palm Springs

7 Of The Best & Instagramable Hotels In Palm Springs - Luxury, Retro & Chic

4200 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians then you’d probably remember this hotel, the Parker Palm Springs, where Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney took a sisters girlfriend getaway. This hotel is truly beautiful and chic. 

The Parker Palm Springs is located 3.1 miles from the center of the city and features 3 pools including an indoor pool and an “adult only” pool. It also has a spa center, tennis court, and 2 restaurants. 


Fire Pit - 7 Of The Best & Instagramable Hotels In Palm Springs - Luxury, Retro & Chic

Ace Hotel and Swim Club Palm Springs

I’m totally obsessed with the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Design-wise, it’s probably my favorite, you can totally have a full on photoshoot there and make it seem like you time traveled to the 60’s. The vibe here is very hipster, young and retro. You’ll mostly find a younger classy crowd at this hotel. Normally when I visited the hotel, it always had a mellow vibe to it but it does also get busy. They have a beautiful pool, random fireplace spots and a cute diner connected to it. I’d highly recommend this hotel, I just love it! They also offer free bikes for guests, it’s pet-friendly, has a bar and features a small spa.


Obsessed with the lobby vibes


The Saguaro Palm Springs

If you’re looking for the rainbow, you definitely found it at Saguaro Palm Springs! This hotel is the brightest and most colorful hotel in all of Palm Springs and probably California. I stayed here a few nights and loved it too. This hotel features such a fun vibe and especially during the weekend.

While I’m only guessing that during the week it probably has a mellow vibe, during the weekend they normally throw pool parties with a DJ and lifesize water floats like the swan and flamingo. So if you’re visiting during a weekend make sure to make it to the pool early to get a good spot because chairs are limited. I also love the cafe/bar at this hotel and it’s definitely an Instagrammable hotel! You can also rent free bikes here and ride them around town and they are pet-friendly! I would also recommend getting a pool view since it’s just so nice to wake up to in the morning and there is always action around the pool. Oh yes, and they have a spa.


The Riviera Palm Springs, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

So out of all the hotels in Palm Springs, I think that the Riviera Palm Springs definitely has the nicest spa. It’s just magical and amazing and 10,980-ft.  This hotel is probably also the biggest one on this list. It’s in the city center and you can totally walk everywhere from here. So what makes this hotel so special? Their pool is massive, they are also pet-friendly, they have a couple of different restaurants which most of the hotels on the list normally have one or two and this hotel is much more luxury than anything else.


That amazing spa I was talking about!

Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel is one of the newer hotels in Palm Springs and is just gorgeous and elegant. This is more a luxury hotel than a boutique hotel. They have a gorgeous pool on the rooftop, a fitness center, they have free bikes as well, a bar and restaurants and a stunning elegant lobby.


ARRIVE Palm Springs

ARRIVE is also one of my favorite hotels in Palm Springs. It’s a boutique hotel and I was there for the grand opening and loved it! I love the vibes of this cute hotel and any hotel that’s brand new is always great in my book. This hotel is ranked 9.4 from guests on booking.com. It also offers a swimming pool, a bar on site, free bikes and is pet-friendly.


I hope you enjoyed my list and ENJOY Palm Springs!!!




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