My New Addiction Is Snapchat, Here Is Why…


Hi, my name is Kim and I’m addicted to snapchat. Now everyone with me, “Hi Kim! Welcome to snapchat anonymous”.

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I’ve kinda been completely obsessing over Snapchat lately, if you haven’t noticed. Instagram is and will always be my #1 favorite, but lately I find myself addicted to Snapchat. By the way, just wanted to throw this out there, my username is: theonlykimcohen, in case you were wondering. 😉 You’re welcome!


In fact, I’m just completely addicted to creating videos! It’s funny because when I first started my YouTube Travel Channel, I was so nervous about recording myself. I’m not a shy person at all, but I do have a shy side and for some odd reason it really came out when I first started my YouTube Channel.

I was trying to figure out which me to be, should I be the sweet, shy me? or should I be the silly, crazy, funny me that’s a bit too much at times? I kept asking my friends which me to be. I’m not sure who said this to me, but they said “just be YOU and the real you will come out, you can’t hide it”. Surely enough, they were right. The real me did come out and it’s a mixture of both, depending on my mood, who I’m with and what I’m doing. Many people often time say that I’m pretty funny to watch on Snapchat, although I can’t tell the difference.


Now, for the most part, I don’t really care where I’m at, I’ll be vlogging and snapping all day, everyday and don’t really care who is watching.

However, there is just something so odd about talking to your phone with your hand sticking out in front of you in the middle of a public places alone! People think you’re pretty nuts, especially in foreign countries where they don’t really understand the blogging and vlogging world of today.

Funny Story, I used to HATE snapchat

Here’s the funny thing, my brother has never been one to like social media. He never updates any of his accounts, although he has your typical Facebook and Instagram account. You will never find him commenting on anyone’s post and if once, on the random occasion that he likes something, you know you did something right lol. However, my brother is addicted to snapchat and has been for way over a year.


I can’t totally recall when was the first time he tried to introduce me to Snapchat, but he tried a few times and I would repeatedly tell him, “stop trying to make it a THING, it’s never going to be a thing!”. I even tried downloading it once, a little over 6 months ago and didn’t understand it and thought it was pointless and deleted it.

One random night, I was having Friday night dinner at a family friends house, when the kids in the house were playing with Snapchat. I totally thought to myself, OH NO! Not this stupid Snapchat thingy again!

The kids were shocked, that I, the travel blogger, didn’t have a Snapchat account, let alone understood it. I told them, “I don’t get it and it’s stupid anyways!”, lol I’m such a snob sometimes when I don’t get things.


Then the youngest, who was 12 years old, simply showed me how to use it. I looked at him with confusion, like how the hell do you know how to do all of that?! How do you get it and I don’t?!

I won’t lie, it took a few days to get use to and even more time for me to remember that it actually existed, since Facebook, Instagram and my YouTube Channel are always on my mind. However, eventually I got addicted.

So why do I love Snapchat? 

1.Filters: At first there wasn’t really much to like, all I knew is that I liked the funny cool face filters, so I had something to check on daily (they add new ones everyday). I also really liked the city filters, especially as a traveler and that’s how the addiction started because of the city filters! I wanted to see what cool filters every city had, so I started snapping everywhere! Without realizing it, it started to become a live vlog of my travels and day to day activities on the road and at home.

But I don’t expose everything on my snapchat, although it may seem. I save all the best stuff for my YouTube Travel Channel.


2. Temperature: I found that the temperature filter on snapchat is the most accurate than all the weather apps of out there.

3. Personal: There is a part of snapchat that also seems kind of personal to me and I like that. I’ve gotten all my close friends and family into it, that I just love watching their lives when I’m gone and I love taking them with me on my adventurous life .

4. Real time: In most cases when I travel, I do so many activities and things that I’m always behind on my updates. So snapchat is as real time as it gets.

5. It’s GONE after 24hrs! : I also like that after 24hrs its all gone! Sometimes you want to show off a part of your day or city with people, but don’t care to share it forever and have it take up room on your phone. So it’s nice to take a photo or video to show something cool and then BOOM! It’s gone!


6. Feature Events & Countries: Another great reason I love snapchat is well…because of TRAVELING! Snapchat does this really cool thing that everyday it features a different city or country in the world and you get to see how people in other parts of the world live or if it’s worth a visit. I get daily inspiration for it and I love that. Besides that, they normally show you other cool events in the world like Fashion Week and Sports events. Being that I’m from Los Angeles, Los Angeles has it’s own category where you can see daily events and cool things that are happening around LA that same day, which I find cool.

7. Online Magazine: I think this is super cool, so a bunch of big brands like Cosmopolitan, CNN, People Magazine and more added their own channels and they are actually super fun and neat! My favorite one is the Tastemade channel, I’ve actually learned to make some pretty yummy things on there. I love it! and every 24hrs its gone and up comes new content!


So yup! Those are the reasons why I’m kind of obsessing over Snapchat and if you don’t already have an account, maybe you should reconsider. I’m actually thinking of making a tutorial on how to use it so that more of my online friends from around the world can start using it like you!

My username is: theonlykimcohen

Send me a snap and say hello! I’d love to follow some of you guys around the world and hope you’ll love following me on real time daily! Kisses love you guys.




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