8 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam


Always thought of going to Amsterdam and don’t know what there is to do? This list might inspire you to make a little trip out there because, Amsterdam is a beautiful city with some of the world’s most talked about attractions.

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*Heineken Experience: Did you know that the world famous beer was actually created in The Netherlands? Well if you’re a beer lover, this is the perfect place for you, you will love it! And even if you aren’t the biggest fan of beer (like me), it’s still just as fun. The Heineken Experience tour, is about a 2 hour tour going through the history of the famous beer. You also get to see how the beer is made and of course, taste it. There is even a ride, bars and you can make your own customized bottles. The tour also comes with 3 glasses of beer and a free gift!

*Anna Frank House: Anna Frank was born and raised in Amsterdam. You can check out the famous house of Anna Frank, see where she grew up and her hiding spot. The tour last for 2hrs and you even get to see her real diaries, which made her one of the most famous holocaust stories.

*Van Gogh museum: Some of the world’s most famous artwork by Van Gogh are at this museum.


*Rent a bike or join a bike tour: Bikes are a pretty big deal in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known to have more bikes, than actually people living in the city. There is bike paths everywhere on the side road, with lanes leading you to basically anywhere. Everyone rides bikes, even more than cars. So rent a bike or join a bike city tour. It’s a refreshing way to check out the city.

*Red Light District: How can anyone go to Amsterdam and not see the red light district. This is where you will find the infamous red windows and most of the coffee shops. It’s where a big part of the nightlife in Amsterdam is.

*Flower Market: For those of you who don’t know, Tulips were in fact, created in this country. You can stroll through the flower market and even pick up a few seeds to take home with you.


*I AMsterdam sign: Check out the iconic I am Amsterdam sign!

*Canal Dinner Cruise: Check out the beautiful city on water with a fun and relaxing dinner cruise throughout the canals of Amsterdam. The tours normally last about an 2hrs. The dinner cruise come with of course, dinner and dessert. But also an open bar with all you can drink for those 2hrs. If you visit Amsterdam during the Christmas season, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful light show on water.

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