A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger

A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger -- hofit kim cohen

So what is it that I actually do when I travel? Well it’s a lot different now that I’m a travel blogger.

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Traveling as a travel blogger and traveling for fun/vacation are completely different. Before I had my blog, my travels were more of a vacation like most people. My life kinda flipped when I started this blog.

Most people travel to get away and relax. When I travel, it’s quite the opposite, my itinerary is pretty intense and most of the time, I get little to no sleep and when I’m home, it’s when I get to “relax” and vacation.

Normally when I do get back from a trip, all I want to do is just sleep for a whole week, although that’s not normally the case. Because I have so many other things to catch up on, including planning the next trip.

It may seem like I don’t do much, but write a few posts here and there, but writing posts is such a small part of being a travel blogger. The rest of the time I’m spending on editing photos, editing videos, marketing, social media, SEO, networking with Facebook groups, designing banners, redesigning the site, researching new destinations, hotels, attractions and airline prices. I read other travel blogs, watch travel blog videos, pitching to tourism groups and hotels, link building, sending out emails, replying to emails, figuring out finances, brainstorming on new ideas, finding photos for future post and attending travel events, to list some of the things I do. So it isn’t as simple as it looks, but I’m not complaining. I love my life and my career.

Here is what my schedule looks like on the road and when I’m back home working…

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7:30am – wake up + check social media, emails and blog

8:00am – get out of bed + make coffee + makeup + hair + get dressed

9:00am – breakfast + social media updates

9:30am – meet with hotel manager + tour of hotel

10:45am – walk out of hotel + get transportation to city center

11:00am – hop on a city tour bus (with a plan) + take photos and videos + take notes

11:30am – explore by foot + visit attractions + photos and videos mission

3:00pm – stop for a snack and coffee + wifi + update social media + warm up or cool off

3:45pm – continue exploring

7:00pm – back to hotel + charge batteries + change clothes

8:00pm – dinner + edit photos + plan attractions for the next day

9:00pm – shower

9:30pm – editing photos + editing videos + social media update

11:00pm – write blog + research

3:00am – bedtime

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I’ve never been a morning person. Most of my creativity and inspiration always come out at night, and normally at the latest times of the night. So my schedule is completely opposite from a “normal” person.


11:30am – wake up + check social media, emails and blog

12:00pm – get out of bed + walk my dog

12:30pm – check blog + update social media

1:00pm –  research + breakfast + Malibu (beach) and write blog

4:00pm – pitch brands  + emails + checking social media

5:00pm – research new destinations + plan future trips

6:30pm – lunch + social media updates

7:30pm – edit photos and videos

9:00pm – write blog + research

11:00pm – dinner

11:30pm – watch a movie or tv shows + hang out with friends

2:00am – edit blog + research + schedule post/publish + SEO

6:00am – bedtime





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