Abseiling Down A Waterfall With Borderlands Adventure In Sri Lanka

abseiling in sri lanka - vanilla sky dreaming

We all know, I love to do crazy adventurous stuff, just this year alone, I swam with Sharks and Stingrays in Punta Cana and went on the tallest and the longest zipline in The Caribbean. I slept in an ice hotel, slept in a glass igloo and swam with icebergs on the Sampo Icebreaker in the Arctic Circle of Finland. However, none of these things were as crazy as Abseiling down a waterfall in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

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Up until the moment I was hanging off the top of this cliff, I had no idea what abseiling was, that word alone is just weird and confusing. I have to say, it was definitely one of the craziest things I’ve done, if not the craziest yet. I won’t ruin all the fun and details by explaining to you all just how crazy this was, but I guess you’ll just have to see it for yourself in my latest video below.

The cliff was between 150-200 feet high. I guess we did the shorter version from what I was told because normally Borderlands Sri Lanka takes you even further down!

borderlands adventure base camp

The company I did this with was Borderlands Sri Lanka, located in Kithulgala, about 3hr drive from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. The Borderlands Adventure Base Camp is located up in the hills, right in front of Kelani River and gives you a true nature vibe in the jungles of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy many fun activities such as water rafting, abseiling, kayaking and canyoning. They also added a few bungalows to sleep in and if you’re feeling super adventurous you can also camp out in a tent on the property.

borderlands sri lanka

My favorite part of the base camp was hands down the lobby lounge area, where you can enjoy some relaxing time after one of your adventures. They have bean bags, hammocks, pillows, guitars and a small coffee shop, where you can order coffee, smoothies, fruit plate and other snacks.

abseiling in sri lanka - vanilla sky dreaming

After abseiling, I was physically drained, we woke up at 5am to beat traffic. While most of my friends slept on the drive, I was too busy looking outside my window to get a feel of Sri Lanka.

When we arrived to the base camp of Borderlands, we enjoyed a delicious American and Sri Lankan breakfast, signed a few waiver forms and headed over to the top of a mountain which took about 45mins. Then we hiked another 20 mins to finally arrive at the beautiful waterfall we abseiled from. We were on the mountain for a few hours until everybody abseiled down the waterfall. I think a whole hour and a half was dedicated to me and my fears (lol JK) and then drove back to the base camp at around 3pm, just in time for lunch, which by the way, lunch was also amazing. While the rest of the group went water rafting, I decided to kick back and relax on one of these hammocks because I was truly exhausted. I also just really loved the vibe of this place. I got so comfortable that I dozed off and fell asleep on the hammock, after watching a 13-year-old boy dancing around and lip syncing to his iPad for over 30mins non-stop. He was such a cutie, wish I had footage of it, it was cracking me up. I also wish I knew how to play the guitar or that someone else there did because it would have been just perfect.

abseiling waterfall in sri lanka - hofit kim cohen

Honestly guys, I really loved this place and I really wish we would have spent another day there. It was just an adorable place. I felt like I was at summer camp again. It’s such a perfect sweet escape kind of a place, to relax, escape reality and enjoy nature.

Things to Bring with You

  • Bathing Suit
  • GoPro or any waterproof camera
  • Sport shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • Hiking or yoga clothes – (clothes you don’t mind getting wet)
  • Clothes to change into
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • A water bottle for the hike

Everything else will be provided for you there.


For more information about Borderlands Adventures, check out their website HERE!

By the way, they also have a location in Nepal.

I definitely recommend checking out this place if you visit Sri Lanka. Abseiling was amazing. I almost wish I can go back and do it again, now that I know I won’t die from it lol. I’d also like to mention that the staff was super friendly, nice and helpful. I mean this guy below saved my life basically.

abseiling in sri lanka - hofit kim cohen - borderlands

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, the video of me abseiling and hanging on a single rope over a waterfall and holding myself up with a single hand. Let me know what you think guys in the comments below or in the video! Also, I’d love to hear from you guys, has anyone ever done Abseiling? How was it? Were you scared?

*Vanilla Sky Dreaming was invited by Sri Lanka Tourism to attend the Broderlands experience. Thank you to Sri Lanka Tourism and Broderlands for welcoming Vanilla Sky Dreaming! As always, my opinion is my own.




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