Africa Rocks: San Diego Zoo Newest Exhibits (Summer 2017)

Africa Rocks - San Diego Zoo Newest Exhibits (Summer 2017)

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo? It’s known for being one of the best zoos in the world! I’ve been there quite a few times and totally think so too and now it just got better!

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If you’re looking for some summer fun and live in California or planning on making a visit to Cali, head on over to the San Diego Zoo for their latest “Africa Rocks” Exhibits with some of the most unique creatures straight out of Africa!

Ever wanted to visit Africa? I have been dying to travel there for the longest time and haven’t been able to yet. However, Africa is high up on my list of places I must go see!

Africa is one of the most interesting continent in the world, in my opinion, but maybe it’s because I’ve almost been everywhere in the world but there. It has some of the world’s most unique wildlife and if you love animals as much as I do, you must visit the San Diego Zoo for a taste of Africa’s wildlife!

The San Diego Zoo just opened it’s newest exhibits on July. 1st, 2017, “Africa Rocks” with Africa’s most extraordinary species that may sometimes be overlooked. Not only did they open it but there are 6 different habitats for you to explore.

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Here is the list of the 6 Different Habitats in San Diego Zoo, “Africa Rocks” and the animals you will find there. 

Madagascar Forest

Madagascar is a country HIGH up in my bucket list and is an island off the coast of Africa (in case you didn’t know). It’s also the 4th largest island in the world. Madagascar has long been isolated from the continents and has species found nowhere else in the world. There are 700 species found on this beautiful island. While visiting the San Diego Zoo Exhibit, “Madagascar’s forests”, you will find Lemurs who jump from tree to tree. You will also find Fossa, who has a dog like face with teeth and claws like a cat and the Honeybadgers (ratels).

West African Forest

The West African Forest is known for being super HOT but is also a tropical rain forest. Rivers, swamps, and wetlands are a vital part of West Africa, mixing in with dense lowland forests that merge into mangroves along the coast. This place is full of wildlife! While visiting the “West Africa Forest” exhibit, you will find the West African Dwarf Crocodile which is only 5 foot in length and known for being one of the smallest Crocodile species in the world.

There is also a spectacular 65-foot Rady Falls, located in West African Forest exhibit. It is the largest man-made waterfall in San Diego—nearly 7 stories high! You can even walk behind the falling water through a cavern-like grotto.

Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopia is also a country I can’t wait to visit! Formed from the remains of volcanoes in northeastern Africa, the highlands of Ethiopia have towering peaks, grassy plateaus, rich valleys, and hot deserts. The plant and animal species here are specially adapted to life in a dry, windy, and sometimes chilly climate. In the “Ethiopian Highlands” exhibit, you will find the beautiful Hamadryas Baboon (monkey), which some of you might already know from The Lion King (Rafiki). You will also find the Gelada monkey, who is only found in the Ethiopian Highlands. Another species you will see is the Nubian Ibex which comes from the family of goats.



In the “Kopjes” exhibit, you will find the beautiful and cute Meerkat, which is a type of Mongoose, just like in the photo above. Meerkats choose teamwork over a solo life. They work together to care for the group’s youngsters, hit the road to catch and bring back food, and defend their territory. This exhibit also features the adorable Rock Hyrax, Dwarf Mongoose, and the Klipspringer, who come from the deer family, but in my opinion, so much cuter, they look like Bambi. They are less than 25 pounds and 2 feet tall (I want one!). I seriously love and adore each one of these sweet animals.

Acacia Woodland

While traveling to India and Sri Lanka, I was dying to see a Leopard, but here my dreams and yours can come true! In the “Acacia Woodland” exhibit, you finally get to set your eyes on a beautiful Leopard, who is an all-time classic for Africa’s Woodland. You will also get to see the beautiful Vervet Monkey, who has an interesting outlook on life. Girls rule in the Vervet society — females lead the social groups! How cool and interesting is that? You will also run across a few unique species of birds, the Bee-Eater and the Black-Headed Weaver.

Cape Fynbos

I saved the best for last, which is the “Cape Fynbos” exhibit, full of African Penguins. For years now, I have been dying to visit South Africa and visit the world famous Boulders Beach which has dozens and dozens of sweet and cute Penguins. If you can’t make it all the way to Africa, just go see them at the San Diego Zoo. In this exhibit, you will also find the Leopard Sharks who hang out in the shallow waters of African shores (scary!). Oddly enough, the Leopard Sharks and the African Penguin may come nose to beak, but the sharks or penguins aren’t threatened by each other! Both animals hunt for fish and squids in the wild and somehow, all get along.

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For more information on the San Diego Zoo’s “Africa Rocks” Exhibit, tickets and more: CLICK HERE!

Enjoy your summer and have an amazing time in the San Diego Zoo!





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