Boho By Spence — A Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Line

Boho By Spence -- A Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Line
As many of you guys know by now, I’m currently visiting my favorite country in the world, Iceland, for the second time.

Iceland is my favorite country for many reasons but one of the main reasons is because it’s like nowhere else in the world. The landscape and nature here are unreal. You have black sand beaches, double rainbows, northern lights, glaciers, volcanoes, wildlife and so much more.

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Taking care of nature and the environment is such an important part of me, my lifestyle and my beliefs. Making sure our planet is well protected is something I live by each and every single day.

I’m the girl who goes to the beach and picks up trash out of the sand to make sure it doesn’t go into the ocean and harms marine life. I’m a vegetarian for over 25 years because of my love and respect for animals. I only do animal excursions after researching the company and making sure the animals are well taken care of and I feel the very same way with clothing lines, shoe lines or accessory lines. I love buying and supporting brands that care about the environment and help cause awareness.

I’m here to introduce to you a brand who lives by my beliefs in supporting the environment in an ethical way and human rights, which is Spence Diamonds new collection, Boho.

Boho By Spence -- A Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Line

About Spence Diamonds, Boho Collection 

Spence Diamonds inspiration comes from travel, fashion, art, creativity, freedom and feminism but also reflect the values of today: innovation, care for the environment and care for society. The Boho collection features Artisan Created Diamonds which are ethical and environmentally sustainable. Spence is strongly passionate about healing the human damage caused by Mineral Exploitation conflicts in central Africa. Not only are they eliminating any unethical impact with the Artisan Created Diamonds but they are repairing the damage by building schools and housing for those displaced by the hub of diamond exploitation, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Boho By Spence -- A Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Line - Hofit Kim Cohen

You should also know that 1% of each purchase goes to help stop human trafficking — a cause I am extremely passionate about. 

Spence Diamonds just launched a new collection called Boho and sent me a few pieces of the collection. Each piece in the Boho By Spence collection focuses on 9 symbols, grouped into six categories: Elements (Earth, Fire and Water), Leaf, Lotus, Paisley, Feather and Arrow.

  • Elements (Earth, Fire and Water): Forever adapting, forever changing. Change is for the good.
  • Leaf: The leaf is purity personified. A solid reminder of the importance of respecting one’ self and others.
  • Lotus: What’s next? The future is wide open. Awaken to the possibilities.
  • Paisley: Smile. Life is good.
  • Feather: Soar. Lighten your mind, open your heart and let yourself go.
  • Arrow (for men): Due north. Conformity is stifling. Set your own course and enjoy the ride.
  • Infinity: The future is bright


Help support a brand who supports and values human life and is out for a good cause. I love everything about the Boho collection by Spence.

To learn more, make a purchase and help support this brand CLICK HERE – Boho collection by Spence.



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