Dare to Dream?


My entire life has changed as of last Friday. I am still completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that I can’t quite really put it into words but I will try. This is all thanks to G*d and that special someone, for I am truly BLESSED. 
Sometimes we have a dream, a goal that is so far out of reach of the hand that along the way we want to give up because we have fought so hard for it and just can’t stand on our feet any longer, what we need to do is never give up!

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I have learned, through many challenges in my life, that if there is something I want really bad and I work hard for it, right when I’m so close to the finish line is when it gets the hardest. It’s that moment when you want to give up sooo bad, where you are drained of energy, where you have had sleepless nights and cried your eyes out and you just can’t take it anymore. What you need to realize is that its all a test. You see, if the things we dreamt of came so easily, they wouldn’t we called dreams.

Let’s be honest and start at the beginning, anything that is easily tenable, is not usually appreciated as much, its just the way this world works. You see if our dreams came so easily to us, we would never want them so bad. But the moment you want something and you work so hard for it and finally get it, your appreciation level is in the sky because you truly know in your heart that after all that work you put in, it was worth it and you value it at such a higher level, than if it was just handed to you. Challenges must occur in order to gain true value. I believe that right before your about to receive your dream, G*d or the Universe which ever you prefer, tests your will and want to see how much this really means to you, how far are you willing to go before rewarding you with the prize, your dream. It can go 2 ways, 1 give up because its “hard” or 2 push through the hard times because you were born for this and there is nothing that can get in your way.

Life has a funny way of working itself out, just like any good old movie, it starts off great, somewhere in the middle gets hard and right when the character is about to quit before the finish line, life takes a final twist and they live happily ever after. This just doesn’t happen in movies, it also happens in the real game of life, your movie. If you stick through till the end the universe will show you its gratitude and you will be so grateful for it.

Sometimes, things are out of our control, that’s when I like to relay on good deeds and prayers. Doing genuine selfless acts for humanity has been said to change ones destiny. Having faith in G*d and the universe shows gratitude and knowing in your heart that whatever is meant to happen is gonna happen is a high level of understanding destiny and G*d’s ways.

Before I’m about to walk into a meeting or into a room that I know well change my life, I take a few minutes before I walk into the door and pray. I give thanks for all that I was given and for even getting this far, I let G*d know that whatever is about to happen in there I will accept because everything has a purpose of greater good and I trust him and the Universe. I walk in knowing that in my heart that everything will be alright at the end, otherwise its not the end.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am living proof that nothing is untenable or out of reach, I have been challenged many times in my life and have beat the odds, for this I am BLESSED and these are truly my secrets to the how. You have to believe it will all work out, that’s one of the only things we have here on earth, is being able to believe.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life.




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