Exploring Ella In Sri Lanka: Adam’s Peak Hike, Waterfalls and Jetwing Hotels

Exploring Ella In Sri Lanka: Adam's Peak Hike, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations

Awwww Ella, the perfect nature getaway. If you love the wilderness, this town is a must see when visiting Sri Lanka. Here is a list of things I did, where I stayed, plus a video. 

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Where I stayed: Jetwing Kaduruketha

Jetwing Kaduruketha pool sri lanka

Jetwing Kaduruketha - vanilla sky dreaming hofit kim cohenJetwing Kadurukethaella, sri lanka sunset - Jetwing Kaduruketha

Jetwing Kaduruketha is a beautiful exotic, luxury hotel in Wellawaya, Sri Lanka. It features a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the rice fields in the middle of the wilderness. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy the perfect sunset setting from the comfort of the pool.

Each guest gets a pretty large villa (506 ft, almost as big as my apartment) with a patio, sofa and a minibar, including a king or double beds with a mosquito net, kinda makes you feel like a princess…or a prince.

Animals that you could expect to find on the property are monkeys,exotic birds, lizards, frogs, peacocks and wild pigs. The hotel features both western and traditional Sri Lankan food. I really enjoyed my 3 night stay here. I actually spent my birthday at this hotel, which will be featured on a different post with a video.

This hotel is for nature lovers, meaning you need to be ok with insects and wildlife.

Jetwing Blue pool, Sri Lanka Jetwing Sea, Sri Lanka Jetwing Sea pool, Sri Lanka

I actually got to stay at a few different Jetwing hotels on my trip in Sri Lanka and I gotta tell you, they seriously have the best hotels in Sri Lanka.

The other Jetwing hotels I stayed at, are actually on the beach at an amazing location in Negombo, Sri Lanka. If you ever want to enjoy some beautiful exotic hotels which I believe are 5-star quality luxury hotels, check out Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Sea. I’m totally obsessed with these hotels, literally located on the beach with ridiculous pools and amazing food. (pictures above)

Jetwing Hotel Sunset, Sri Lanka - Vanilla Sky Dreaming, Hofit Kim Cohen
My Birthday Sunset from Jetwing

Things to do in Ella

Ella, Sri Lanka - Tea Plantations - vanilla sky dreaming, hofit kim cohen

I spend about 4 days visiting Ella, Sri Lanka. Things to definitely check out in Ella and things in the video below are the Adam’s Peak hike. The walk up the mountain is a beautiful scenic hike, packed with Tea Plantations. The hike up the actual Adam’s Peak was a bit intense for me because it was such a hot day and the stairs were so thin and tall. It’s about 350-400 steps I believe (we tried counting it). However, the view from up high was amazing. Later you can enjoy a tropical drink like we did, which is half way up the hike. There is also restaurants and a bird garden at the bottom of the mountain.

ella, sri lanka - village life Ravana Falls, Ella, Sri Lanka - waterfallElla, Sri Lanka, Adam's Peak

We also visited Ravana Falls which is a place I wanted to visit from the moment we arrived to Ella. It features a huge waterfall, which attracts many tourists. The cool things about it are that you can actually get a good feel for village life too. Many locals are wondering the streets, bathing in the waterfalls and selling food everywhere. You can even catch a moment of live music by the locals and some monkey action.

Ella is also famously known for their tea plantations which will be featured in another video I’m working on.

Ella is a very hippie style town with many backpackers and hostels all over the place, but can also be enjoyed by luxury travelers, solo travelers and family travelers. There are so many small and cute local shops and restaurants, which can be easily found just by driving through the main road. I think visiting Ella for 2-3 days would be perfect.

Here is a beautiful day spent in Ella, Sri Lanka.



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