The Fabulous Meliá Vienna Hotel – Review


The Meliá Vienna Hotel, is one of those luxury hotels you go home telling everyone about how amazing your stay was and how they should all stay there if visiting Vienna. There are so many great things to be said about the Meliá Hotel and my outstanding experience staying at this beautiful five-star luxury hotel.

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The Meliá is known for being the tallest skyscraper not just in Vienna, but in all of Austria. Since its opening less than a year ago in February 2014, it has generated a huge buzz and managed to create a unique and special vibe. Standing tall at 220 meters and 58 floors, this Eco-friendly hotel gives you an incredible view of the entire city of Vienna from the other side of the Danube River.

If you’re lucky enough, you can catch some pretty incredible sunsets on the city right from your bedroom window. From the minute you enter the hotel, you’re greeted with the refreshing aroma of the flowers that fill the lobby. The reception area has one of the most beautiful spiral staircases I have ever seen in my life. It has a special gold metal plating that glows up three floors long.


My Experience:

From the moment I entered the fabulously modern hotel, I was greeted with an extremely helpful bellboy who was quick to take my bags and the hotel staff kindly smiling and happy for my arrival. The entire staff was so catering to my every need during my three-day stay. They would kindly ask me how my day was going, every time I stepped foot back into the hotel. And not just ask, but showing genuine interest in how it really went. They were always able to help me find attractions and transportation when I needed it and were very helpful.


Rooms and Suites:

I arrived at my beautiful suite, which is simply one of the best rooms I have ever seen (and I’ve stayed at MANY hotels). All of the rooms in this hotel are suites and share the same amazing view of the entire city of Vienna.

The rooms are spacious and make you feel like you’re in your own luxury apartment, with ceiling windows, minimalist decor, and cutting-edge technology. The closet space is massive, the beds are incredibly comfortable, with a great pillow selection.

The room featured a great lighting system allowing bedside access to all of the lights in the suite at the push of a fingertip, along with AC setting. The restroom had glass and black tile heated floors, which came in handy after a long cold day of sightseeing or after a shower. There’s an awesome bathtub in the middle of the room between the restroom and the bedroom with, again, an amazing view.

The room had a mini-bar and an espresso machine. There was also excellent wifi throughout the entire hotel, which of course came in handy and made my stay more comfortable. The rooms were so cozy that it was hard to leave. I sometimes struggled to get myself out of bed because I felt so at home and didn’t wanna leave my gorgeous room and hotel.

18meliavienna-panoramasuite11meliavienna-bathroomshower 19meliavienna-panoramasuitebathtub

Room Service:

I ordered room service on my first night there because I had just gotten in from a long day of travel. Their 24-hour room service menu was excellent and contained a wide selection. I ordered their pasta marinara, which was served as though I was dining at a five-star restaurant. Everything was fresh. You can tell that even their tomato sauce is made out of fresh tomatoes, which was a first to see from room service.


Winning & Dinning:

The Meliá Hotel features two restaurants and a bar/lounge on the 58th floor. I actually had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing breakfast at the lower level restaurant, which is included in the stay. The breakfast had everything you could ever want and need in a breakfast with such a big variety of choices.

For dinner, I was excited to dine at their famous restaurant–57th Restaurant, which was of course on the 57th floor. The elevator brings you up all of those floors in less than 20 seconds! The restaurant features Mediterranean cuisines from celebrity Chef Siegfried Kröpfl, who specializes in vegan food. I was especially excited to dine there because I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and this sounded like heaven to me.

I enjoyed an amazing three-course candlelit meal with a beautiful view of the entire city of Vienna, it really couldn’t get any more perfect than that. Here is what I had:

Start Up: Tofu- Pan fried I ratatouille salad I balsamic vinegar

Main Dish: Risotto- Pumpkin I pumpkin seed oil jelly

Dessert: Viennese Classic; Batter/Vanilla

57Melia_Bar_01_2014-07 57Melia_Bar_04_2014-07 tumblr_mkxmewIFfF1s5subso1_1280

To top it all off, the rooftop bar on the 58th floor has an outside terrace with a great selection of food and beverages that during the weekend features a DJ. It really doesn’t get any better than that. You really don’t need to leave the hotel because everything you want and need is right at your fingertip.


The Meliá hotel was the highlight of my visit in Vienna! I would highly recommend this amazing hotel to anyone because it truly was a remarkable experience!


Thank you to the Meliá Vienna hotel for welcoming Vanilla Sky Dreaming! As always, my opinion is my own.




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