Girl On A Mission, Exploring Singapore In 6 Hours!

Singapore garden by the bay

A 6-hour layover in Singapore, may not seem like a long time for most people to explore a city. However, if you’re a fast walker like me and have a serious drive for exploring, it’s just the right amount of time to see enough of a city and make you want to come back for more.

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My original plan for visiting Singapore was supposed to be a 24hrs trip with a beautiful night stay at one of the most gorgeous hotels in Singapore, the PARKROYAL on Pickering, which I was invited to. But do to a series of unfortunate events with Singapore Airline, which I will never be flying with after such an awful experience. I ended up missing my flight and was left spending 14hrs at SFO airport, instead of actually boarding my flight and so I was left with exactly 6hrs to see Singapore. But that was not gonna stop me from making my bucket list dream come true, by visiting the famous Marina Bay Sand Hotel, which is well known for its amazing infinity pool that looks over the entire city of Singapore and seeing the ‘Gardens By the Bay‘.

Admission Ticket to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore with Transport

marina bay sand infinity pool singapore vanilla sky dreaming Singapore

Lucky for me, I already had a plan of what I wanted to see and do, so all I had to do was narrow down my top attractions and make it all workout. Cause let’s face it, nothing or no one would get in the way of seeing or doing what I love (#girlonamission!).

I quickly hopped in a cab and asked to be dropped off at the Marina Bay Sand Hotel, which wasn’t too far from the airport.

wanderlust singapore vanilla sky dreaming

This hotel was a dream! It was biggest than it looks in the photos. I was informed in advance from previous bloggers that visited, that they don’t let just anyone up to see their amazing rooftop infinity pool. You had to say you’re going to the rooftop bar and that you had reservations. So that’s exactly what I did! 😉

vanilla sky dreaming hofit kim cohen singapore

I was completely excited out of my mind when it worked! I have been dreaming of seeing this amazing pool for years and it was just as perfect as I thought it would be. Sadly enough getting into the pool is a little bit more complicated if you’re not a hotel guest, but that’s ok because I clearly didn’t have my bathing suit, like I originally planned to have and there is always a next time. Instead, I enjoyed an amazing blueberry Bellini cocktail, overlooking the amazing city of Singapore. After such a long and crazy 24hrs, this was exactly what I needed, the perfect cocktail with a view.

vanilla sky dreaming singapore

After taking a million and one photos all over the gorgeous rooftop I headed over to the Garden by the Bay, which is basically connected to the Marina Bay Sand.

Admission Ticket to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore with Transport ($21USD) 

Skip the Line: Gardens by the Bay E-ticket ($19USD)

Singapore garden by the bay avatorSingapore garden by the bay viewthings to do in singapore

The Garden by the Bay felt like I was about to walk into a real life Avatar world! It’s a beautiful park that you can wonder at all day and have the perfect picnic at, but it’s even more beautiful at night with beautiful purple lights in the trees. I walked all over this amazing place, I even went up into one of those beautiful trees and walked across the bridge to get a better view. I really felt like I was walking in my own fairy tale.

vanilla sky dreaming marina bay sandgarden by the bay amazing marina bay sand Singapore garden by the bay

After wondering around the park, I made my way to the Flower Dome exhibit. Every month I believe, they change their exhibit theme. Since I was there during the Chinese New Years, that was the theme and I loved it! Growing up in LA, I used to always go with my family as a kid to the Rose Parade the day after new years, where people make incredible themed flower floats, so this was right up my alley!

Flower Dome exhibitflowers at Flower Dome garden by the bayflowers exibit at Flower Dome garden by the bay

You can probably spend anywhere from 20mins to an hour at this exhibit, depending on how many people you’re with and how much you like it. The good thing about traveling solo is that you never have to wait for anyone. 😉

garden by the bay flowers singapore

After exploring the beautiful flower exhibit, I enjoyed a rose water flavored ice cream! Sounds kinda weird, I know! But it was so good, I got two! I then wondered off into the Garden by the Bay for a bit more, before having to part ways with Singapore and make my way to the airport, just in time to grab my carry-on suitcase and laptop from an airport storage and make my way to my final destination in Kerala, India!

hofit kim cohen in singapore

It was indeed a short little trip, but I definitely loved Singapore and can’t wait to visit again. Singapore has a kind of Hawaii, Miami but also a big city feel. So if you like that kind of a style, I would say go visit Singapore! It’s a fairly new country, only being 50 years old! The architecture there is beautiful, the people there are beautiful and dress well and classy, but it’s not a cheap place to visit.

I’m just glad that the next time I’ll be visiting, I’ll be staying at the PARKROYAL on Pickering, as they are extending my invite. 😉

Plus there are so many amazing and fun things to do in Singapore, for example:

and so much more!

Till next time Singapore…

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