How To Be Safe When You’re Traveling Alone

How To Be Safe When You’re Traveling Alone

As a solo female traveler, safety is clearly really important, for me and anyone who thinks of traveling alone and especially for women. As many of you already know, 95% of my travels are solo and I like it that way. Of course, there are pluses and minuses to traveling with a group of people, a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend and alone. Most of the negative things you have to worry about when traveling with other people are figuring out a place to eat when everyone wants something else or wanting to go see an attractions that the person your with doesn’t want to see, or vise versa. When your traveling alone, you never have to worry about those things, the only main thing you have to worry about is your safety and coming back home in one piece.

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I guess you can say that I’ve learned a few tricks along the way through my many years of traveling alone. Some people want to travel alone, but are scared of getting kidnapped, raped, robbed or scared of getting lost. Sure, these things go through my head at random times, but I also have a great understanding of the places I’m traveling to and have done my research well before planning my trip and you should too.

traveling alone in italy

Yes, you can travel the world alone, be safe and have the time of your life!

Traveling alone can be liberating, exciting and so much fun! I honestly never really feel alone when I travel alone, unless I want to be alone. Most of the times, I make so many friends along the way and meet such amazing people, that I know I wouldn’t have met, if I was traveling with others. I feel like when we travel with others, we are more comfortable sticking to the people we know, but when your alone your looking for more of an adventure and if you do it right and stay safe, you will have the adventure of your life!

So here are a few things to consider when you’re travel alone:

traveling alone in india

Do your research before you plan a trip

Plan and simple. There is clearly safer countries to visit than others. Check out the crime rate, what are the “bad” areas, every city in the world has a bad area and you don’t want to accidentally get lost there.

Find a safe country to travel to

If you’re a first time solo traveler, you might consider going to places like Iceland, Finland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Santorini or Singapore, where the crime rate is very low.

Don’t stay out after dark

This is always my #1 rule, of course again, depending on what country you’re at. If you made friends on a tour or at your hostel, then go for it. But wondering off in a foreign city at night all alone, is clearly not the safest thing to do. Some cities can completely change after dark. Take this time to rest and get some energy for the next day, catch up on your social media, look through photos, maybe enjoy some room service or dinner at your hotel. In most countries many tours start early in the morning anyways, so get a good night sleep.

traveling alone in europe

Take a guided tour

 If you do love the nightlife or just want to travel and have no one to travel with, you can always join a guided organized tour, I like to use Contiki for that. Sometimes it can also safe you the money and the headache of transportation from city to city in big countries.

Hide your important belongings

Some cities are known for their pickpocketing, for this reason I like to hind my important belongings. Where you ask? In my bra! I always carry most of my money and a credit card there. Some people like to hide things in there shoe or inner pockets. (For more on pickpocketing check out: Gypsies, Thieves and Con Artist! How To Avoid Being Scammed in Europe)

Go with your intuition

If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s not. Trust your instincts and don’t doubt yourself.

traveling alone in prague - vanilla sky dreaming

Be smart, spend the few bucks to be safe

Sometimes we are on a low budget and really can save every dollar we can, but remember, safety comes first. If there is one thing I will spend money on, is a good hotel in a good area or transportation. You don’t need a 5 star hotel, but something that insures your safety. There are also really nice hostels out there, that are brand new, clean and nice.

As far as transportation goes, sometimes its worth it to spend the extra few bucks and to make sure you get somewhere safe, than using a metro system or walking long distances in areas that might not be so safe.


This one is mainly for my ladies. Ladies, we as women love to dress up and love fashion, I get it, but as a tourist traveling alone, it’s really important that you attract less attention to yourself. You don’t want to look like a foreigner and stick out, you want to blend with the crowd so that you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention. So for your own safety, don’t wear something flashy or reveal too much skin.

Display confidences 

Even if you think you don’t have confidence, fake it, til you make it! Scammers, con artist or thieves, strive on finding people with a lack of confidence and a look of fear and confusion. Display confidence and you will be less of a target.if you think you don’t have to, make it, til you make it! Scammers, con artist or thefts, strive on finding people with a lack of confidence and a look of fear and confusion. Display confidences and you will be less of a target.


OVER TO YOU! What are your safe tricks? 

How To Be Safe When You're Traveling Solo



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  1. Great tips for solo travellers! I haven’t travelled too much on my own, but I do know it’s a completely different and thrilling experience! I definitely agree with avoiding risks and trying not to attract too much attention, be it with the way your dress or how you act (taking a ton of pictures is also a good indicator you’re not from around – something I’m very guilty of). Looking forward to more of your travel posts! Happy to have discovered your site via Instagram!


  2. Thank you for some great tips! I’m about to take off for my first solo trip, and to central america! Feel really nervous but soooo excited! Do you have any tips when traveling Central America? 😀

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