How to do Hawaii Right! 19 MUST!!!

Well after being to Hawaii, Ohau 5 times, its safe to say that I have almost done it all on that Island. I have done almost every tour a few times and yet I can never get sick of this amazing Island. Here are the must do things when traveling to Hawaii, some I have done and wasn’t too impressed with (not listed) and others I just LOVE and always wanna do again! Hawaii is amazing and one of my favorite vacation spots. I think the world doesn’t give it enough credit for just how amazing it really is out there!


Here is 19 Things You MUST to do When Going to Hawaii:

Surfing Lessons: First and foremost, a must! How could you not?! Hawaii is known for their amazing waves that start off far into the ocean, then any other place you have seen before. No wonder it’s the #1 place where surfing competitions are held. I took my first surfing class in Hawaii and got up within the first 20mins! Maybe I should thank my snowboarding skills but it wasn’t that hard. But I must say that the coral reef is pretty sharp there and so high up, that it sticks out of the water, so please be safe!
(that’s me! in the pic below)


Hotel on the Beach: I’m not gonna lie, I love LUXURY and a nice Hotel is everything on a vacation! But even if I didn’t, if there was one place where I would invest in a hotel it would be in a Hawaii, a hotel on the water is a must! There is nothing like waking up with that amazing ocean view and seeing those waves start off in the middle of the ocean! DSC01608DSC01610

Snorkeling: This is one of my favorite things to do! I can go snorkeling for hours and not even notice it! I owned 4 saltwater fish tanks and just can’t get enough of their beauty and ocean life. You can go snorkeling just about anywhere. The best place to go is Hanauma Bay, for only $7.50 per person, you can go snorkeling at this amazing location for the whole day. There are also many cheap tour buses that take you there for about $15. If you’re lucky you’ll get to run into a Sea Turtle! They are awesome to watch.


Submarine Ride: Like I mentioned earlier, I love the underwater world and if you love it just as much as me, there is a really cool submarine ride that last about an hour, where a ship takes you to the middle of the Ocean and then you enter the submarine, where you get to explore the underwater world, you get to see a sunken ship and airplane. I even got to see a Shark! But I must warn you, if you get sea sick, this is not the activity for you!


Rent a Bike: and ride all over town! I just love this! It’s alot of fun and you really get a view of the Island and just feel carefree! (I found some beautiful location, below)


Hiking Trail: If you’re into nature, there is a tour called Mountain Rain-forest Adventure, which is about 4 hours. It takes you on a hike to see the island from the Mountains, you run across a waterfall, learning how to make natural Shampoo, you might spot some Wild Pigs and see the biggest avocados you have ever seen in your life.


Hilton Firework Show: Every Friday night the Hilton Hotel has a fireworks party! Many come from all the other hotels to view the amazing fireworks show! It’s quite long and beautiful! It is done on the beach and is a beautiful way to start off your weekend!


See the Sunrise: For anyone that knows me, I am definitely not a morning person and probably the last person to wakeup but when in a Hawaii things are different 😉 most of the activities you plan normally start at 7am and if you’re already gonna wakeup for them, just wakeup an extra hour early and see the amazing sunrise! It’s amazing!
(view from my room)


Kailua Beach: This is by far the most beautifulest beach I have ever seen in my entire life! I’m just totally obsessed with this place and have been there almost at every trip to Hawaii! It was voted in 2011 as the most beautiful beach in the world. Although it isn’t so close to Waikiki, it is well worth it. There are alot of day tours that take you there for the day, the tours usually include 2 activities as well, I normally go with the bike ride and a kayak or snorkel gear. If anything is a MUST, this place is a MUST!


Swimming with Sharks: Dare to be daring? ok well this one I have not done, nor do I ever plan on doing it but my best friend Morgan loves to take danger to another level! She actually did do this, not too long ago. They basically literally put you in a cage and into an area full of sharks! If you’re into this kind of thing, go for it! I’m sure it will be a memory to tell for years to come! She loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.


Pipeline: After seeing the movie Blue Crush, what kid didnt want to go to Hawaii to see Pipeline!? Known for the world’s largest waves, waves get up to 40-50 feet! On my last trip there, I finally finally got to go to Pipeline after a very long ride but sadly to my disappointment the waves that day were very low 🙁 and I didn’t get to see the magic of Pipeline. I note to all, before going there make sure its a good time of the year to visit, otherwise you will make that long drive for nothing and burn your whole day.


Dinner Cruise: Are a lot of fun! Although a bit cheesy, they ususally leave right before sunset. I think they are awesome and I have gone on 1 every Hawaii trip. You have 4-5 course dinner, get some tropical cocktails, listen to some Hawaiian live music and see performance of Polynesian dancing. I got very lucky once and even saw a huge whale make a jump out of the ocean. It’s a good romantic getaway.


Stay at the Beach till Sunset: You just can’t go to Hawaii without seeing the sunset, but even better then that is staying at the beach until the sun goes down and enjoying every last minute of that amazing view infront of you!


Dolphin Cruise: There is a day cruise, which takes you out into the middle of ocean to spot Dolphins, it also lets you snorkel on the hopes that you might still find them but nevertheless you will get a good snorkel view, I have seen Sea Turtles and Puffer Fish! This cruise also comes with breakfast, lunch and all you can drink cocktails! I love this tour and have been on it probably 3-4 times! It’s alot of fun! and usually cost about $129 including pick-up and drop-off.


Swim with a Dolphin: This was always one of my childhood dreams and I made it come true in Hawaii! Although I’m not sure where my photo is, probably in storage somewhere. I loved this! It’s at the Sea Life Park and you MUST make an appointment before hand as it tends to always get sold out!

Polynesian Cultural Center: If you like history or just really wanna feel the Hawaii vibe and really feel a day in the life of the Polynesian people this is for you. Definitely a family tour, this place will take all day so don’t make other plans. You learn to hula, make cool cartoons out of palm tree leafs, get to go into huts and much more.


Stairway to Heaven: This is another daring adventure, I haven’t done this one but I only recently found out about it by my best friend Morgan, she did this before sunrise. 3,922 stairs each way! This isn’t for everyone, many don’t make it to the top and many of dead trying. Beware! I warned ya! 😉


Walk Around the Main Street at Night: This is a must for all, Main St. has about everything you’re looking for, whether it be shopping, street shows, street art, restaurants and much more. I just love walking this street at night, it does tend to get crowded at times but it’s all part of the Hawaii adventure.


and Well Just Relax at the Beach: What better way to enjoy your trip then to just relax on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki!



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