Interview with Carmen’s Travel Tips

Last month, I had attended The Travel Blogger Conference in Mexico! Among my amazing experiences in Cancun, I met an amazing travel blogger by the name of Carmen! We hit it off right away, as she sat right by me on our way to the Xcaret dinner show in the Mayan Riviera. Funny enough, we had traveled to most of the same destinations and were both so excited to meet each other, as travel bloggers. We shared our traveling stories and were happy to know that we are just as excited about traveling, then most people we know. Carmen is the founder of Carmen’s Travel Tips and I had the pleasure of getting her to interview for my blog! Carmen’s Travel Blog, focuses on luxury travels, wining and dining, destinations and travel tips around the world. Check out the interview!


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Tell us a little about your blog and how you started it?

I started traveling a decade ago and spending lots of time answering people’s questions about our travels. People seemed especially interested in my pictures. So that’s the origin of the blog. I’ve been around the US, Caribbean, and Europe finding the perfect spots to unwind. Whether I’m with my family, my girlfriends, my husband, I’ve found a fabulous experience to suit them all. On, you will find the a selection of luxury destinations for culture, shopping, and those once in a lifetime experiences.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Some of my favorite things about traveling are seeing new places and learning about new cultures. It really makes me realize how little of the world that I’ve seen so far.

What’s the one thing that you have to take with you when you travel?

The one thing that I have to take with me on all my trips is my flat iron. Most hotels now provide hair dryers. I was thrilled on my recent trip to Cancun when I saw that they also provided flat irons for their guest. Living in South Florida with humidity all the time, we have to take extra precautions so that our hair doesn’t frizz up. My flat iron does the trick.


Do you prefer taking photos from a camera or mobile device?

I prefer taking pictures with my iPhone because it’s easily accessible, since I carry it in my purse with me at all times. The pictures on the phone come up sometimes just as good as if I where of taking them on my camera.

What’s the scariest thing you have ever done, while traveling?

We visited Mesa Vera National Park with the family a few years back. To see some the ruins that are located along the side of a mountain cliff, I had to go through very narrow openings and climb ladders on the side of a cliff with a couple hundred feet drop beneath us. Being scared of heights that was probably the scariest thing for me to do.


What is your best travel advice?

I tend to plan ahead as much as possible. I look for flights months in advance and try to get the best rates.

What’s your favorite destination and Why?

Of all the places we visited this past year, my favorite was Cuba. Going back to Cuba is like stepping back in time fifty years. You find an abundance of antique cars on the road and people riding horse drawn carriages to get around town. I have family that still lives there. I really enjoy visiting with them and seeing the sights of Cuba.


Where do you want to go more than anywhere in the world?

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. It has everything from beautiful beaches, Great Barrier Reef, and real kangaroos.

Have you ever solo traveled? How was your experience?

I haven’t really traveled by myself much except to go visit family in New Jersey and Cuba and some business travel before that. I took my first real solo trip recently to a Travel Bloggers Conference in Cancun Mexico. It was an interesting experience with the conference being partially being about travel, about writing and photography, about blog promotion and social media, and about working with hotels and resorts.


What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I really enjoy sharing all our experiences and travel tips on all the places we’ve traveled too. When people that I didn’t know started reading and commenting on my blog, I was hooked and have been trying to improve it ever since.

Where do you plan on visiting next?

As I write this (October), I’m starting a big trip with my husband to Greece and Israel. I visited two coastal towns in Greece in 2013 while on a Mediterranean cruise but this will be my first time in Athens and Santorini. Israel has always been on my husband’s bucket list. In Israel, we are taking the National Geographic Expeditions Tours, we should have a fantastic experience and privileged access.

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