My Morning In Kusadasi, Turkey

hofit kim cohen in turkey vanilla sky dreaming

Good Morning Turkey!

Woke up at my own pace this morning and got ready to see Turkey. I explored the city of Kusadasi solo, walked through some of the market place. Since I’m not a fan of fake brand name stuff, which is what the market place mostly had. I decided to enjoy my morning walking along the ocean boardwalk and just enjoy the sun a little. After walking about 2 miles, I decided to go find a relaxing hookah bar, because how can I, the big hookah lover that I am, go to Turkey and not smoke hookah. I ended up finding a cute little spot, across the street from the ocean. I enjoyed a nice cool ice coffee, hookah and some very needed, free wifi! Then I went shopping at local stores, before heading back to the ship. It was a peaceful and relaxed morning for me and I enjoyed this morning/noon alone a lot. I really enjoy the company of only me in most traveling situation, no one to rush you, no one to tell you where to go, I just feel more inspired this way. Your life, your time, your pace. 😉

(10 Reasons To Travel Solo) or  and Turkey, I’ll be back for you for a longer trip in the future… Kusadasi port castle IMG_4237 IMG_4232IMG_4235hofit kim cohen IMG_4315IMG_4313   hookah in Kusadasi hofit kim cohen in turkey Kusadasi IMG_4314hofit kim cohenKusadasi port IMG_4242IMG_4291Kusadasi hofit kim cohen turkey



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