Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop Madness – Los Angeles

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

On Friday, December 9th, Kylie Jenner opened up her Kylie Pop-Up Shop and I was there to witness the madness, I also got to see her, Tyga and Kris Jenner. Here is what happened, how to get into the store, what they sell in the store and basically, everything you need to know about the Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop, along with how I met Kim Kardashian. 

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Meeting Kim Kardashian

I won’t lie to you, I love the Kardashians and Jenners, but maybe it’s because I was late to the game. I didn’t start watching the show until probably…3 years ago, so I guess you can say I had some catching up to do. I actually first met Kim Kardashian when she wasn’t so famous, right when her famous video came out at a Pre-Grammy party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I was modeling for a friend’s clothing line and she just happened to be there along with many A-list celebrities. My friend at the time asked Kim to get a photo with us and her, and Kim was nice and sweet. It was almost funny because she didn’t know a few of the celebrities that were there and asked us what their names were and we all had a laugh about it.

Hofit Kim Cohen - Kim Kardashian

BFF Working at Dash

I also knew that around that time or maybe even before that, that my high school best friend Lily, worked at the DASH store. I was told that she was on the show as well for a few seasons. It wasn’t until a random conversation with one of my employees (many years later), that he brought up Lily and I said she was my high school BFF and he said “OMG! How have you not watched the show?”. That made me curious and so I started keeping up with the Kardashians.

My favorite Kardashian was always Khloe and in the last year or so, I began loving Kylie. It’s like she went from being a little girl to woman overnight and I loved her fashion sense and fun ways of playing with her hair with wigs. I won’t say that I’m obsessed with the Kardashians/Jenners by any means, but I like them. I think they are cute and I don’t understand why they get so much hate, I really think that they are good people. I’ve never been a hater. I’m always for women power and I don’t think it matters how they got famous. As a social media person and an influencer, I know how hard it is to get followers and I adore them for their hard work.

I grew up in Woodland Hills, just a few blocks from Calabasas where the Kardashians and many celebrities live. I hang out in Calabasas all the time and I currently live in that area as well. So when I saw that Kylie was opening up a store at my home mall, Topanga Mall, I clearly knew I had to go. Although I’ve never been to a DASH store.


Thursday night I was wondering just how early people would actually line up to get into Kylie’s store, as I was pulling in all nighter working on blog stuff. I figured it might be like the release of a new iPhone, since this was her first store, the truth of the matter is that it was WORSE! After 3 attempts to get into the store on 3 different days, the line to get into the store was still holding STRONG after being opened for over a week.

I decided to go to the mall, which is less than a mile away from my house at around 11am, although the mall opened at 10am. I figured people would come, but not the insane amount of people that actually showed up. People took this super serious, there were girls who flow from New Jersey to be there.

The store is located in the middle of the mall, right under the Apple store and food court. Literally the best location in the mall. There were 4 different areas to stand in line and you couldn’t get anywhere near the front of the store because it was blocked off by camera crew, bodyguards and security. If you stood for too long on the other side, security would tell you to keep moving.

The first line had about 20-30 people in it, which was right in front of the store. If you got to this point of the line, you would get a “Kylie” wristband and you’ve probably been waiting in line for a good 12hrs! The second line had about 100 people in it. The next 2 lines had 1800 people in them! I’m not kidding!

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

I was told by the employees (who made sure the lines were running smoothly), that they are only allowing 20 people in the store at a time and that every guest gets only 15mins inside the store and can only buy 3 items. I was also told that you couldn’t touch any of the items, you had to point them out to the employees and they would get them for you. Probably because they didn’t want anyone to steal anything. Other shoppers also told us that there are no prices on anything (SURPRISE! at the cash register lol).

When I got there and saw the madness I didn’t know any of these things. I figured the max amount of time I was willing to spend in line was an hour. We were also told that once all the items are sold out, that the store closes – while supplies last. Since everything Kylie makes is always sold out, I wanted to make sure I got something.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

I was really hoping to see Kylie more than anything. I didn’t care for her lip kits because I already had 3, I was more interested in her birthday collection that I missed, while I was out of the country and her Kylie merchandise which are now sold on Plus, my baby sister who lives in Israel was begging me to get her something from the store for days, so I couldn’t disappoint baby sis who just had a birthday.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

So as I approach the end of the end of the line, the lines CLOSED. They told everyone to come back tomorrow. Somehow, I got lucky and had a group of 3 teens let me get in line with them, but they were literally at the end of the line. We spoke for a while and without noticing an hour and a half went by. We basically moved from line 4 to line 3 when I realized, I can’t do this. I hadn’t slept all night, I was hungry, thirsty, tired and was starting to get an anxiety attack from all the people and the madness. I must have told them over 10 times that I was getting out of the line, as they kept trying to get me to stay. I waited another 20mins until I called it quits. I mean realistically at the pace the line was moving it would take us at least another 5hrs and I lived across the street. It just wasn’t worth it. So I gave them a hug goodbye and left to do some shopping.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

I was hungry and just over the whole thing that shortly after I decided to get some food and then go home and sleep. I went to a restaurant called CPK which is a restaurant I eat at a few times a month. It also happened to be right in front of the Kylie store. So I figured I’d get lunch at the bar and go home. The moment I got my food, Kylie, Tyga and Kris walked right by me and went into the store. So that was pretty cool, at least that.

This all happened Friday, so I figured I’d wait for the weekend to be over and try my luck again on Monday – the slowest day of the week for malls. I went with a friend to CPK at around 8pm and the line was still insane! I was seriously shocked. They said it was over an hour long and that they already closed the line but that the store would stay opened until December 23rd.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

I’m still curious as to how much money she made that weekend, let alone on that Friday.

Later it turned out that you can buy as many items as you wanted, but you couldn’t buy more than 3 of each item.

Wednesday I decided, this is happening. It’s now or never, they said the line is about an hour long but it only took about 20mins.

I got my “Kylie” wristband and entered Kylie’s world.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

The moment you walk in, it’s like entering a Black Friday end of the world sale scene – straight out of the movies. Dj playing music, a beautiful white Christmas tree with Kylie ornaments and Kylie wrapping paper and about 50 people including staff were in the store. At this point, you didn’t need the staff’s assistance unless you were buying clothes. Most of the store clearly, had women with a few random men who were probably forced by their wives or girlfriends to go.

Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop

There was the famous wall of lipsticks, seen on her snapchat and Instagram, with thousands and thousands of lipsticks. There was all her eye shadows, makeup bags, makeup brushes and more lipsticks and lip liners to test. In the middle of the store was the cash register, which clearly had another crazy line. Behind it was a bed, with the wrote “Kylie” in pink neon lights and 2 TVs playing a video of Kylie and Tyga on it. The other side of the store had the whole collections, including phone cases, underwear, socks, a calendar and clothes.

So what does $120 get you at the Kylie store? 

I got 2 cellphones cases, a hat, Kandy K lipstick (obsessed with it) and makeup bag in a beautiful metallic silver bag with her famous lip logo.

Was it worth it? Totally! Was a really fun experience!

DID YOU ALSO GO TO THE KYLIE POP UP STORE? What was your experience like? 




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