The Pro’s & Con’s Of Living In Time Square

In 2008, I made my dream come true by moving to New York City and not just anywhere in NY but to Time Square! From the moment I step foot in New York City at the age of 14, I instantly fell in love. How can you not? It’s the city that never sleeps, where you can get anything you want, at any given time of the day. I always knew I would move to NYC, the question was just always when.

The morning after my 23rd Birthday, I decided it’s time! I enrolled into FIT’s Accessory Design Program and decided to break the news to my parents that I’ll be moving to NYC in a week and a half! Of course at the time, they still weren’t used to my impulsive desires to travel and to see the world, but were supportive. I had exactly 13 days to plan my big move because school was starting in exactly that amount of days. Where did I pick to live? Time Square (47th & Broadway)! Why you ask? Because I don’t think there is any other place in NYC that is as inspiring! Through my time spent in living in Time Square, I started to realize that maybe this wasn’t the best place to pick and then at other times I thought to myself, this is the perfect place to live!

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Living In Time Square

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s of living in Time Square. 

  • PRO: Best Seat in Town for New Years Eve- who hasn’t thought of spending their New Years Eve in the heart of the Big Apple, Time Square! Most people don’t realize how far in advance people actually start lining up to see the ball drop. I have spent 2 New Years in Time Square and let’s just say that chaos, is an understatement. Yet, if you live in the area of Time Square, you definitely have the best seat in the house! I could have simply walked out of my apartment at 11:50pm and have the best viewpoint or better yet, I could have stayed on my rooftop and had the perfect view!
  • CON: Always Crowded Streets- Probably the least favorite thing about living in Time Square would have to be the fact that all day and night, the streets are filled with people, to the point where you can’t get through and you’re always late to things. At times it would take me 20mins to get through 5 blocks and into the subway.

living in Time Square central park fun

  • PRO: Broadway- the plus side of living in Time Square, is having all the Broadway shows in the area, all but a footstep away. Many of the shows also have discounted prices if you show up early in the day and if you don’t really have anything better to do, why not just go.
  • CON: Not Many Good Places to Dine- While one of the things NYC is well known for, is for its amazing food, only thing is, it’s nowhere near the Time Square area. Most of the restaurants in that area are delis and are SO OVER PRICED. Most New Yorkers eat out more than they actually eat at home and when you live in the area of Time Square, it’s kinda frustrating when there aren’t really any good places to eat. Although, after a long time of searching, my favorite restaurant in NYC is in midtown, its Serafina Broadway on 55th and Broadway and there isn’t a trip to NYC that I don’t eat there. THE BEST!

living in Time Square new years(The view from my rooftop apartment)

  • PRO: All the Subways are Close- A thing to consider while living in New York City, is transportation. Most New Yorkers use the subway system more than they use any other transportation, so on the plus side of things, living in Time Square, you basically have any/every subway route you need available. The F train in my opinion, is probably the most popular train in Manhattan, which I had about 30 feet away from my apartment.
  • CON: Getting a Taxi- forget about it! Getting a taxi in the Time Square area is like winning the lottery! Especially turning rush hour, which is when they have their shift changes. I have spent over 30mins at times, try to stop a cab! It’s just crazy.

living in Time Square fashion week

  • PRO: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show (Bryan Park) Every Fashionista dream come true! When you live in the Time Square area, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show is only a 5mins walk. Although you will need an invitation to attend the fashion shows, sometimes not all the seats are filled and they look for people for fillers. I also had the honor of helping out at the Nanette Lepore fashion show, just for being at the right place at the right time.
  • CON: No Nightlife- while it may seem like Time Square is the center of the world, it definitely isn’t the place to go for some nightlife action. There are a few rooftop bars with amazing view, but if you’re looking to go out, that would be anywhere but this area. You’re better off at the lower east side or the meatpacking district.

living in Time Square central park

  • PRO: Very Close to Shopping Areas- You literally have any shopping store your looking for all in the area. No need to grab a cab and go all over town for shopping. Everything you need is at walking distance.
  • CON: Overpriced- Everything that you buy in the Time Square area is overpriced. I’m not just talking about dining, shopping and souvenirs, but even simply things for the house, such as groceries or simply bottle of water. This is definitely something to consider while living in Time Square. I mean you can’t walk all over town with groceries.

living in Time Square pros and cons

  • PRO: Last Person in Time Square at 5am- One of the coolest experiences, is being the only person in Time Square! After coming home from a late night of partying, getting dropped by a cab and being the only person in Time Square is a pretty awesome feeling. Billboards still flashing but not a person in sight, is a truly inspiring moment.
  • CON: Nothing is Opened Late- While billboards are still flashing no matter what time of the day it is, everything around the area is closed early. Most places in the actual Time Square area, which is only 5 blocks are opened till 11pm-12am, the rest of the streets near it, look like a ghost town and completely empty by 9pm-10pm, some even earlier.

living in Time Square 2

  • PRO: Central Park Being So Close by- When you’re living in Time Square, Central Park is so close by, which is such a nice change of energy, being as NYC doesn’t really have too many trees throughout the city. I personally think that Central Park is best in the fall!
  • CON: Can’t Walk Home from Most Places in Manhattan- I’m not the biggest fan of exercising, but if there is one thing I love, it’s walking the streets of NYC. The only problem is, is that most places in the city are pretty far from the Time Square area. Most New Yorkers hang out anywhere but that area and when your meeting with friends, it’s always a drag when they can simply walk home and you’re always so far away, which also gets expensive.
  • PRO: Events- One of my favorite things about living in Time Square would have to be all the events and festivals that go on in that area. It’s amazing to walk out of your apartment and see that the streets are closed off for election day and that all the screens in Time Square are showing results of different states. There are also fairs and food festival.

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living in Time Square 3



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