MIA while in Greece


Hello Sweet World, 
Well if there is one thing I learned for sure in Greece, it is that it has the worse internet service I have ever experience anywhere in the world. I was struggling to find wifi and when I finally did, I would go crazy trying to figure out why nothing would be loading and why loading a simple photo on Instagram could take over 30mins. This happened whether the internet was free or paid for. Which is why I couldn’t update my blog for so long. So please accept my apology.

I did however, manage to write notes and keep a journal and if anyone of you followed me on Instagram (@hofitcohenkim), you probably have a good idea of what I was up to these last 3 weeks and where I’ve traveled to. 

On a different note, I can’t believe that 3 weeks have past since I left Los Angeles for my trip. I have lost count of days and dates about 2 weeks, yet somehow always stayed on schedule. I seriously didn’t feel the difference between a Monday and a Thursday. I have not had a single moment to just relax and do nothing all day since I left home, it’s been a nonstop roller coast ride but it’s been fun! 
I am coming back to Israel, with a cough and a running nose, still a little sick from a very bad cold I got on my 3rd morning on this trip. Also sunburned, which I never get, and with a check mark on my bucket list of “Go to Greece”. 

My Greece adventure was divided into 3 parts:

  1. The first was a 4 day trip on the mainland of Greece at all the historical sights. I visited the main cities of Athens, Olympia, Delphi and a few other small towns in between.
  2. The second part of my trip was on a cruise ship, island hopping, 5 islands in 3 days.
  3.  And the third part of my trip was a little more relaxed and slow paced on the island of Santorini with my mom, as I brought her along to meet me in Greece for her 50th Birthday.

I have so much to share with you about my trip! Plus photos, stories and tips! I will tell you this though, 2 weeks in Greece is a long time to spend, I have never ate healthier in my life, I fall madly in love with Mykonos and I think Santorini is overrated. The rest you’ll just have to wait for…

Please stay tuned for all the details 😉



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