Monday Night Out – Steel Panther

1618540_10152090278061902_6577446831071222415_nIn the past I had mentioned, that at least once a week my sister and I have “Sister Day”. Although our age difference is 10 years apart, we somehow always managed to stay very close since she was little. At the age of 18-21 years old, I was a Hollywood Diva 😉 towards my last few months of High School, I started dating a famous singer who would take me out all over Hollywood to clubs, red carpet events, shows, the Playboy Mansion and more, and to party with Hollywood’s rich and famous. Through out all of my adventures, I would always rave to my sister about all of these amazing places and things I was doing, wishing she was of age to come out with me and enjoy the fun. Finally now she is 18 and although Hollywood isn’t the same like it used to be because things change here so fast, somethings also stay the same. My sister, Coral is a rockstar at heart, obsessed with music since she was kid, I had always wanted her to go with me to Hollywood and see the band Metal Skool now Steel Panther. Metal Skool was an 80’s cover band, that play the perfect part of an old school 80’s band like Guns N’ RosesMotley Crue. They are funny as hell and many celebrities come see them as they have been around for years playing in Hollywood and they put on a great show.

We finally got to go see them perform at the House of Blues on Monday night, although they changed their style and now play their own songs, they were just as amazing and funny. There was special guest Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus dad and also Joey Fatone from NSYNC that went up on stage to sing a few songs. Just like back in the day, I got pulled on the stage for 4 songs and it was pretty awesome and fun night! and just like I thought she would, my sister LOVED them.

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I haven’t been out in a while because I kinda got over Hollywood and the going out sense because I did it ALL when I was so young that at the age of 23 I was already over it but going on Monday night made me smile and realize that it is fun to go out once in a while and that I should do it more often. 😉   (Click below to see pictures…)

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2 Responses to Monday Night Out – Steel Panther

  1. I loved reading this post – so nice to learn more about you and your life in Hollywood. I also have a sister and wish we could have weekly sister day too. Unfortunately she’s in Toronto and I’m in NYC. I want to hear more stories about your times in Hollywood – so fascinating!! xx

    • Hey! Omg I only saw this now. I’m sorry.
      Thank you! Ya my sister and I move alot with or without eachother so its very nice to have her around. 😉 I will be telling more stories of Hollywood 😉 I just don’t go out as much as I used to but once I did alot and have really cool stories from then. Have a good weekend

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