My 2016 Top 10 Bucket List Around The World And Maybe Yours…


2015, was an amazing year of travels for me. I got to do such amazing things, make so many dreams come true and travel to the most countries I have ever been to in just one year. My original goal for 2015, was to visit 25 countries, although I didn’t exactly make that happen because I only visited 17 countries, I’ve recently came to realize that it’s the journey that really matters and not always the destination. As a travel lover and a travel blogger, we always like to cross off more countries on our list. It kind of gives you more bragging rights. It’s just one of those questions you always get asked, “how many countries have you been to?”. Today when thinking of my New Year’s plans and what I want to accomplish and do this year as far as traveling goes, I came to realize that this year, I don’t only care about how many countries I will visit, I care more about how many of my dreams and bucket list items I’m going to cross off my list.

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We all have those things that we MUST do in our lifetime. I’ve always been a strong believer in not waiting around for the right moment because sadly many people never get “THAT” moment. They just keep pushing things off, until one day they realize how much they missed out. Then they start thinking they are too old to make all those dreams come true, which I also don’t agree with. You’re never too old to have the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’ve always believed in the NOW method. You want it? GO GET IT! Make it happen! Make the sacrifice and stop making excuses for yourself.

There has been many things that I’ve been dying to do for years and I want this year to be that year when I make those things happen! Hopefully this list, will inspire some new bucket list items for you all as well.

So here we go, my must do things for 2016, not in any order.

  1. Machu Picchu – Peru
Photo by wbirt1

So for the longest time Machu Picchu has been on my list, not on my priority list, but still on the list. Most recently, I’ve developed a hardcore craving for it. I’ve heard all the stories from friends and saw all the photos from my favorite bloggers and this year, it’s a must on my list. I’ve also wanted to go to Lima, Peru for the longest time, from the photos I’ve seen, I know I will love it there.

2. Jellyfish Lake – Palau

Photo by Nadia Aly


The Jellyfish Lake was something I discovered this year on Instagram and I’m absolutely obsessed and so fascinated with it. The Jellyfish Lake is located on Eil Malk island in Palau. It’s basically a lake full of jellyfish, who lost their stingers and has been around for 12,000 years, so it’s 100% safe to swim with them. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’m not scared, because I think that in photos this looks like probably one of the craziest and trippiest experiences ever. However, I do promise you, I will force myself to do it because it looks so damn amazing!

Funny enough, every summer that I travel to Israel, my 2 biggest fears are terrorist attacks and a jellyfish sting, so I’m looking to conquering my fear by actually swimming in these waters.

3. Salt Flats – Bolivia


Holy moly! The salt flats in Bolivia has been on my top 5 bucket list items for YEARS! I have been dying and dreaming of visiting this place forever! In the last week, I’ve really looked more and more into actually making this happen and how to get my visa to Bolivia. The faster I figure out all the little details, the faster I’m going!

4. Whitehaven Beach – Australia


WELCOME TO HEAVEN! No, literally, this is heaven! Can you believe that places like these actually exist?! I discovered Whitehaven Beach about a year ago and I can’t even handle seeing the photos because it’s just too good to be true. This place alone, will make you start believing in God if you already don’t. It’s seriously a piece of heaven that I have to go see and I hope and pray to God that it will be this year! I’ve also started looking into tours in the last 2 weeks to see this amazing amazing place!

5. Ice Hotel – Finland/Norway

Photo by Christopher Hauser

There are many ice hotels up in the Scandinavian countries, you can find some in Norway and in Finland. I’ve been looking more into Finland’s ice hotels and still trying to figure out how the hell will I ever actually fall asleep in an ice hotel. What I know as of now, is that it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, clearly, but of course, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. What people normally do is stay a night in the warm hotel, a night in the ice hotel and then another night in the warm hotel. You’d think that a hotel made out of ice would come cheap, but it’s actually pretty pricey and spaces are limited. If you find a not so commercial ice hotel, you can find some pretty good deals, which is what I think I’m going to end up doing.

6. Zip-lining through the jungles – Anywhere


At this point I don’t really care where I’m going to do this, as long as I do it already! I’ve been saving this for a trip to Costa Rica, but my patience level can’t take it any longer, therefore, wherever I see the next opportunity to do this, I’m doin it! For some odd reason I’m pretty fearless when it comes to zip-lining, no matter what the height is. Sitting in the air and flying through the jungles doesn’t seem scary to me at all. I went bungee jumping when I was 17 years old with a fake ID and clearly it was somewhat scary, but this kind of seems like a piece of cake to me and I just can’t wait to do it.

7. Romantic Dinner for One on the Beach Please – Anywhere

Photo by Tuula Vintage

Maybe it’s just my obsession with Jessica from Tuula Vintage, but I want the perfect elegant dinner with myself on some beautiful beach during sunset. Jessica has actually done a few of these and each time, I just wish I can hop into her photo and sit there instead of her. It looks like the perfect blissful moment with yourself. I just gotta do this!

8. Stay at Phi Phi The Beach Resort – Thailand


A few months ago, when I was planning my Thailand trip, which last minute didn’t work out, I stumbled upon this amazing resort in Thailand and fell head over heels over this place! It just seems to me like the perfect getaway resort! So this year, when I FINALLY visit Thailand, this place is going to be a must!

9. Visit Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town Overview
Photo by michaeljung / 123RF Stock Photo

Cape Town has been high up on my bucket list for a few years now. I really thought that in 2015, I would actually make my trip to South Africa happen, but I just never really had the time to go. This year however, I will make it a priority to go. I’ve heard so much from so many friends, including my best friend who filmed a TV show out there and I just can’t wait any longer. I need to visit Cape Town!

10.  Stay at the Glass Igloo Hotel – Finland


If you’ve never seen this photo before, I’ll be happy to introduce to you the amazing glass igloo hotel located in Finland. I used to see this photo and think it’s just a dream, too perfect for reality. This amazing experience of sleeping in a glass igloo can very well lead you to seeing the Northern Lights straight out of the comfort of your own bed. Seriously, WOW! But then again, that’s only if you get lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights on the perfect day. If all fails, you still get a good night sleep underneath the stars, which still sounds pretty impressive and amazing to me. I’ve recently looked this place up and it averages to $400 a night, which I think isn’t so bad for a once in a lifetime experience.

So there you have it, my dreamy year of 2016 full of crazy experiences and life long memories! That is of course, IF, I make a check mark on each item on this list.

Over to you, what’s your bucket list items for 2016?



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