My Top 5 Dream Hotel Rooms to Stay at

Underwater Hotel, Dubai $4000-$6000 a night
Dubai is known for their outstanding architecture and dreamy like buildings, but right on the coast of Dubai lays this amazing until underwater hotel! How amazing would it be to wake up to this amazing view! It’s just so surreal! A dream come true for me!

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dubai-underwater-hotel-pictures-1080x718 luxury-undersea-hotel-dubai-09

Ice Hotel, Sweden $108-$1080 a night
The Ice Hotel! Just amazing and incredible! I started researching this place about 3 years ago, when I was looking up the Northern Light in Norway and Iceland and ran across it. This Hotel is seriously made up of all ice! There is also instruction on how to book your reservation so that you won’t get sick, it suggests staying a few nights in their hot/normal hotel room and then a night here, back and forth. This is quite the experience and a must do on my Bucket List!


The Playboy Suite, at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas $40,000 a night
This has always been my dream from the moment it opened! It was around the same time, I was going to all the Playboy Mansion Parties and knew a few people that had the honor of going here. It is till this day, the most expensive hotel room to rent in the WHOLE WORLD!


Four Seasons, Bora Bora Hut Hotels $1,146 a night
WOW! Can you picture a better place for a honeymoon than this amazinggg place! I’ve been dreaming of this place since I was a kid and I know that one day I will for sure stay in this amazing place! This is heaven on earth hands down!

Le-Meridien-Bora-Bora---Aerial Hilton-Bora-Bora-Nui-Presidential-Suite

Tree Camping in Elks, California $1000
I first discovered this place a few years back and showed it to my friend Ben, where we started daydreaming about how incredible this thing would be! I couldn’t wait to come back to Cali to find this place, but then I found out the price and kinda think its a bit much! I thought it would be about $200-$300 which makes more sense because after all you’re getting this amazing view and the experience, but not much else, most of the things in the flying tent you have to buy yourself. Yet it still remains a dream… maybe one day!

tree camping house in calicamping in a tree house in California

For now I’ll keep dreaming…



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