Mykonos! My Favorite Location In Greece!


From the moment I stepped foot on this incredible island, I fell in love! It has to be one of my favorite places I have ever been to in my entire life. As the island welcomes you with a “Welcome to Mykonos” sign and you get a better look at all the white buildings, you just get into such a relaxed mood as you feel like you are in a fairytale! Exploring the island and getting lost into alley ways and small streets full of little shops and cafés was my favorite thing to do! Reminded me of my time in Venice, Italy!
Something about those white buildings….

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blue doors and windows, with white pavement floors, just makes my heart smile! Those dreamy restaurant built by the coast line of the sea is breathtaking! I tried exploring as much as I could with the amount of time I had.
I was at such bliss that I didn’t even pay attention to how my photos were coming out or how many photos I was actually taking. I just didn’t want to miss a single thing from the lenses of my eyes.
After exploring the city and the world famous windmills of Mykonos with friends, I wanted some alone time to see this magical city. I enjoyed an amazing sunset dinner with the most incredible view of a sail boat and the sun slowly setting on the horizon with a glass of white wine, a Greek salad and a few more goods, feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful that places like this exist and that I get to enjoy them. G*d made us a beautiful world! Let’s never forget that it’s a gift and it’s precious.
Mykonos definitely gave me so much inspiration and ambitious to never stop exploring this amazing world we have! I was one of the last to get back on the cruise ship because I wanted to take in all that I could from this place. Upon arrive back to the ship, I had noticed it was a full moon. The moon was placed perfectly a little over the Mykonos mountains full of lights glowing, the perfect way to say goodbye to this amazing place. I will definitely be back!
If you’re looking for a great vacation, to a place that has a relaxing vibe yet is filled with amazing shopping stores and top designs, restaurants on the beach and an amazing nightlife this place is definitely for you! The island is filled with young people and is also a great honeymoon destination. Hint hint, to my future husband 😉
Favorite city is Greece, hands down!


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