Next 4 Countries I wanna Visit

This world has so many amazing places to see, but I have a few countries I must see in the next 2 years!


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Greece! I have wanted to go here for so long! There is something so magical about all that white and blue. It seems like the perfect relaxing getaway.


Thailand! Oh Thailand sooo many of my friends have been here and I’ve been dying to go there for so long now! I just know I need to free up about a month to really see this amazing place! There is a few great countries to all see when going to Thailand that I must, like Cambodia, Vietnam and Loas!


India! Is also a place to free up a month for, I know a few people that went for a month and stayed 8-9months. I’m in love with the colorful sarees, bracelets, henna and the architecture there. Definitely alot of exploring to do.


Norway/Iceland! I MUST MUST MUST see the Northern Lights! My friend Adi and I have been talking about going there for a few years now! This has to be one of the most incredibly places on earth. The thing about the Northern Light, is although its always there, all year long, there is a season to go where it is at its best! Which is why I haven’t been there yet.



4 Responses to Next 4 Countries I wanna Visit

  1. That picture of Greece is my computer screensaver at work!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words on my blog. It seriously made my day. Your site is so beautiful. We should collaborate on some travel illustrations. I will definitely be following you from now on.

    Meagan xx

    • hahaha no way! Thats crazy about the wallpaper! cause its also mine! Its my next trip!
      well you deserve it because it really is incredible and i was blown away! Thank you for your kind words. I would love to collaborate 😉

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