One Of My Favorite Dishes: A Quesadilla Open Burrito – RECIPE


It’s the holiday season and what better way of celebrating than by eating and of course, getting presents (and buying some for others) ūüôā .

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So I decided to share with you 2 secrets; one, if there is one thing you should know about me is well, I can’t live without avocados. No, seriously. I just can’t. I’ve had a love affair with¬†avocados since I was a kid and no one in my household ever appreciated¬†avocados as much as I did until my siblings grew up. Now they’re just as in love with¬†avocados as I am…well, no, I’m still the¬†avocado queen. In fact, so much so that I actually went to the¬†avocado festival once and tried¬†avocado flavored ice cream…don’t do it! It’s gross. The second secret that I’m gonna share with you will change your life forever if you love¬†avocados and guacamole, like me.

I’ve partnered up with GoodFoods which make delicious¬†and fresh guacamole, along with a few more fresh and healthy products to make small appetizers. Check out their other products HERE¬†and store listing.

Growing up in Los Angeles there are so many great Mexican restaurants that have amazing guacamole. Growing up, I always wanted to go to El Torito just for their delicious and fresh guacamole. Being a vegetarian for over 20 years and being a picky eater, I had to get creative with the kinds of food I did actually like. So I invented this dish and soon after, got all my family and friends addicted.

I don’t really have a name for it, so for now, I’ll call it a quesadilla open burrito, inspired from my love for avocados.


What You’ll need:¬†

So for those of you who don’t know how to make a quesadilla, it’s super easy. You simply get a pan splash a little oil on it so that the tortilla doesn’t get stuck. Once the pan has warmed up, put as much cheese on as you’d like on half of the tortilla and take the other half and close the tortilla, kind of like when making a grilled cheese. Wait a few moments and make sure the cheese has melted. You can push down on the tortilla with a spatula until you hear the sizzling sound. Once you hear that sound you can then take it off the pan and onto your plate.

Cut the¬†quesadilla into 4 large pieces across or you can even cut it into 8 pieces, depending on whether¬†you’re serving it as an appetizer or just eating it yourself.

You can make your own red Mexican rice or buy it made from a local store, same goes for the black pinto beans or the refried beans.

Then spread the first layer of beans onto the quesadilla. I normally make this dish with refried beans because then everything sticks to it that you put on top, but today I decided to switch things up.

The next layer would be the rice because it would stick to the beans. Then on top of that I used the GOODFOODS РSouthwest Guacamole, which has black pinto beans and corn in it. Although GoodFoods has a few different types of guacamole. I used this one because I felt like it went better with the Mexican theme. Their guacamole is super fresh. There is nothing I hate more than fake guacamole, it just ruins the taste of everything and because avocados are in their off season right now, this was just perfect.

Then I top it off with a splash of sour cream and walla! You have your quesadilla open burrito ready. Super easy, super fast and so damn GOOD! Try it! You’ll thank me later ūüėČ

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