4 Hours on the Island of Patmos, Greece

Over the summer, I had taken a cruise ship to see 5 islands in 3 days, one of these islands was Patmos. Greece has over 2,000 islands, Patmos captures that Mediterranean feel of a Greek island and totally worth a quick visit.

Patmos Greece hofit kim cohen vanilla sky dreaming

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Although I was on a cruise ship that would only be stopping at this island for a short 4 hours, I decided to pack my time there with a little bit of everything, which is what I normally tend to do on short stops.

My first stop was the beach, I had attempted to get a tan and instead ended up finding a beautiful starfish who I named Albert and hung out with him for a while. He was literally the highlight of my day.
After a while I decided to explore what this island had to offer with the time I had left, I couldn’t very well be stuck at the beach all day without seeing the rest of Patmos. So I decided to explore the streets, gift shops area and check out the locals. My friend Stephanie, who I met in Greece, joined me as well.
After getting a few goodies and getting a better understanding of what Patmos had to offer. We sat down at a family owned restaurant with ocean view, right on the coastline and enjoyed a refreshing ice coffee and a Greek salad, while watching the sunset and sharing some good laughs, before heading back on the cruise to our next location. We were like always, the last to get on the ship. It was a short yet fun and relaxing experience.

Patmos isn’t a big island, it’s small and intimate yet has a good crowd of people and it does seem to get crowded there .

Here are some photos of my time in Patmos.

Patmos island Greece hofit kim cohen the island of Patmos GreecePatmos in greecehofit kim cohen Patmos vanilla sky dreaming Patmos island hofit kim cohen with starfish in PatmosPatmos islands of greecehofit kim cohen in Patmos beach IMG_4289 IMG_4290 Patmos shopping IMG_4292IMG_4283IMG_4296starfish in Patmos greeceIMG_4373



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