The Perfect Colors for a Happy Home

When you first walk into a room you are greeted with an atmosphere that is more often than not created by the décor. Whilst there are additional ways to create the atmosphere you want to achieve; the main contributing factor is the colour used throughout the room. Colours are the most influential part to any room, as there are so many psychological affects that can make you feel a certain way. With this in mind, here are a selection of the best colours to add to your décor, in order to create a positive, happy home.

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Starting with the chosen colour for Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’, green is one of the most popular colours throughout interior design this year. Resembling life, green is a colour that creates a soothing, relaxing feel that will make any room feel fresh and welcoming. You’re better to focus on light, soft green tones for your interiors, as this helps to keep a gentle balance and connect your interiors with the outdoors. It’s also really easy to complement green with other colour choices, such as pale pink, purple and blue. If you’re looking to make a statement within your décor then you may find that designing a green feature wall within the room will be ideal. Similarly, if you’d rather keep the tone down slightly, you can look at introducing green through furniture pieces and accessories.


If you want your home to feel optimistic, positive and refreshing, then you may want to consider adding blue to your décor. Resembling a calm feel, blue is the perfect colour to add to smaller rooms, as well as rooms that are designed for higher levels of productivity. You also find that blue is a very popular colour choice for bathrooms, shower rooms and en-suites, as it helps to keep the room feeling fresh and clean. It, however, important to remember that if you add a blue that is too dark then you may find yourself creating a colder feel, so try to focus on adding warm undertones to the colour during the décor process.


Adding colour to your décor is always a really fun process, especially when you can start to introduce accessories that help to enhance your particular colour scheme. One colour that many people struggle to introduce is yellow, which is the best colour for lifting the atmosphere within the room and making it feel fresh and positive. It’s really easy to incorporate yellow into your interiors, whether you choose to decorate the walls in a lighter shade, or add bold accessories to your oak display cabinet or glass coffee table. If you’re a little reluctant to introduce bold bursts of yellow, there are plenty of ways in which you can slowly introduce enough of the colour to create that fresh, positive, happy atmosphere that you’re keen to achieve.


Trying to figure out the right balance when it comes to your homes interiors can be difficult, but if you select colours that can be easily complemented then you’ll start to find it much easier. Red is one colour that may people struggle with, as it can bring an angry, negative feel when used too much. Light shades of red are perfect for creating that romantic, welcoming feel that you’d want in your home. If you think the colour may be too dramatic, it’s always better to opt for a lighter shade, as this will almost always provide you with a soft, welcoming feel.



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