Santorini Photo Diary

santorini greece sunset - hofit kim cohen santorini fira greece view IMG_4346 santorini in all white -- hofit kim cohensantorini sunset amazing sunny dress in santorini fira -- hofit kim cohenIMG_4557 hofit kim cohen in santorini greece IMG_4444hofit kim cohen in oia greece Fira greece the view of santorini sunset -- hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohen -- vanilla sky dreaminghookah on the beach black beach in santorini greecehofit kim cohenhofit kim cohenbikini model in greece black beach - hofit kim cohenhofit kim cohenIMG_4483hofit kim cohen in santorini greece blue and whiteoiasunset in santorinisantorini greece church donkey ride in santorini IMG_4504IMG_4508hofit kim cohen santorini oia greece in whiteIMG_4519IMG_4523IMG_4530IMG_4538IMG_4545IMG_4548IMG_4552IMG_4549IMG_4571IMG_4578IMG_4587IMG_4593IMG_4611IMG_4618IMG_4643IMG_4633IMG_4637IMG_4639IMG_4641IMG_4646IMG_4664IMG_4665IMG_4672IMG_4675IMG_4676IMG_4678IMG_4683IMG_4686IMG_4688IMG_4691IMG_4619IMG_4620IMG_4631IMG_4453IMG_4454IMG_4455IMG_4621IMG_4466IMG_4640IMG_4517

On my trip to Greece, I had taken 2 trips to Santorini. The first, on my solo tour trip and the second was with my mom, for her 50th Birthday. I decided to surprise her as a b-day gift and bought her a ticket to Greece for a week with me!

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I will be honest and say that Santorini is indeed beautiful, but I was pretty disappointed and let down. Here’s the thing, I think that Santorini is advertised to be an all white and blue dreamy island from many postcards and famous wallpapers but in fact, most of the island is pretty empty and doesn’t have much on it but empty land. The dreamy all white and blue island is really located on the island of Mykonos, which was my favorite location in all of Greece. The famous city of Oia, where most of you are familiar with, through the famous photos, can be all seen in just able an hour or two. The 3 main locations tourist usually visit in Santorini are: Oia, Fira and Perssia.

Oia is a more relaxed place to walk around, take great photos and have a nice lunch or dinner but after dark, almost everything is closed.

Fira is more of the island’s main location, where you can still find a beautiful view from up high. It’s where all the shopping is located and the nightlife, including the famous donkey ride up and down the mountain of the island.

Perssia is where you will find the beautiful and amazing black beach and also very close to it is the red beach. Where the sand is purely black or red, created from the volcano on the island. It also has great little restaurants all across the beach boardwalk and in the area. It’s where I recommend renting a motorbike and riding around freely.

So The highlights of my trip in Santorini were, the black beach! It was to die for! I instantly fall in love with it’s beauty! I also loved riding the motorbike all over the city of Perssia, I sung my heart out! As the wind was blowing in my hair, it was an amazing experience. I felt like I was riding a jet-ski on land! Fira was beautiful to explore, especially right before the sunset and into the night. The sunsets on the island is just breathtaking, it’s something you can’t quite put into words, oddly enough, especially on foggy days! One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life and of course spending some quality time with my mom, who really deserved that trip.

I had a nice time in Santorini and met some pretty awesome people but I will say that you can probably see the whole island in just about 2 days, you don’t need anymore than that. So if you are looking for a super relaxed and mellow vacation, this island would be perfect for you.

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