30 Signs You Were Raised in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Being raised in LA, I guess you can say there is a thing or two that people find odd and exciting about us. There is definitely a difference between being raised in California and being raised in Los Angeles. Hundreds of people move to LA everyday, to make their dreams come true. But there are just signs, that show you were clearly raised in Los Angeles. The funny thing about it, is that you don’t really notice these things until you leave LA.

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So how do you know if someone was really raised in Los Angeles? Here are 30 Signs You Were Raised In Los Angeles.


  • You think it’s cold when it’s only 60’F and you put on your Uggs.
  • You never notice all the Palm trees everywhere.
  • Seeing nice cars doesn’t impress you because everyone has a nice car.
  • When someone you talk to, that’s not from LA complains about traffic, you laugh inside, thinking to yourself, they have no idea what they are talking about.
  • Your excuse for being late is always traffic.

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  • Every other word that comes out of your mouth is “like” and you don’t notice it until someone who isn’t from LA points it out to you.
  • You don’t make a big deal about Earthquakes.
  • You have your “secret spot” in Malibu.
  • You know that there is no better burger in the world than In-N-Out.
  • You have never been on a bus or a taxi in LA. That option never crossed your mind.


  • When you watch movies, you know where everything was filmed.
  • You think walking a half a mile is a lot and that you have done your exercises for the day.
  • You’re up to date with your celebrity gossip, more than anyone else in the world.
  • You wear flip-flops all year long.
  • You know GOOD Mexican food!
  • You went to High School with someone who is now famous.

hollywood sign, los angeles

  • You don’t call it Los Angeles, you call it LA.
  • Your midnight snack is from a Drive-Thru.
  • You think the Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame is overrated and have never been.
  • You never stand in line when going to a club and can’t understand why anyone would anywhere else in the world.
  • You think it’s funny when people ask you if you see celebrities everyday because clearly the answer is no.
  • Although you know at least 1 celebrity that is your friend.

venice beach

  • You think you deserve a Birthday week not just a day.
  • You know at least 1 person that has been in a reality show.
  • You tried to be a Vegetarian at some point in your life.
  • When going out, you dress like you’re going to a red carpet event.

los angeles

  • At one point in your life you tried to be a singer, actor, model or a producer.
  • You get annoyed when people from Santa Cruz say they are from LA.
  • You take your dog with you everywhere, dress him up and treat him like he’s an actual person.
  • You understand basic Spanish and you didn’t even learn it in school.


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12 Responses to 30 Signs You Were Raised in Los Angeles

  1. I’ve never been to LA and have to say, I’m not sure I will ever really seek it out as a destination. I’m not much into the whole celebrity/movie scene. I cannot imagine growing up there! I think my favorite part would be the delicious Mexican food!

    • Well it all depends where you live, there are many parts that have nothing to do with the whole celebrity world. I still think it’s worth a visit. Where do you live?

  2. Haha! So which celebrity went to your high school and which one are you friends with? Very interesting. Life is way different here in Toronto! Except for the traffic thing. Trust me, traffic is AWFUL here. I know traffic is horrible there but it is pretty awful here too.

    • Well…I actually had a few, America Ferrera from Ugly Betty, was in my drama class. Christopher Mintz-Plasse also know as McLovin from Superbad is really good friends with my brother, who also went to High School with us. I had Bob Dylan daughter in my drama class as well and also Shia LaBeouf as well. For the ones that I’m friends with for now I’ll keep a secret 😉 lol

    • haha that’s not her sister, it’s my old friend. I was invited to the Pre-Grammys party a few years back. I actually used to be friends with her a while back, also with Paris Hilton and a few more people, mainly back in the day.

  3. I was born in LA but moved away when I was a kid. However, we always seem to go back every few years and love going to my “secret spot” in Malibu. I keep meaning to do the touristy things like the Hollywood sign or the Walk of Fame, but in all my many trips, I still haven’t gotten around to them.

    • Yes! I love my secret Malibu spot as well, especially when I haven’t been to LA in a while. I was actually thinking not too long ago to do the same and take one of those tours, just for the hick of it!

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