How To Start Making Money Online Using Your Skills With Zeqr

How To Start Making Money Online Using Your Skills With Zeqr

Since graduating high school (many years ago) and entering the adult world, I’ve always been seeking out freelance jobs to make extra income and live a freer life to do the things that I love. In my most recent blog post, How I Became A Travel Blogger – Vanilla Sky Dreaming (An Inspiring Tale), I discussed all the millions of jobs I’ve had before finding my one true passion which is travel blogging.

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I’ve been a freelance model, makeup artist, fashion stylist, a promo girl, a bartender, a waitress and so much more, all for the sake of freedom. Back then people thought I was crazy for trying to balance so many jobs at once and being all over the place. However, nowadays, the world is changing! So many of us are seeking ways of trying to make extra money to do the things we love or pay our normal day to day bills.

We are in the millennials era, where making money online is more common than ever.

This post is for all you bloggers, stay at home moms, artist, experts and dreamers and basically anyone who wants to make an extra income online in today’s world!

There are so many different ways of making an extra income; some people sell their creative art on Etsy and others might do Uber part time or even rent out their apartment on Airbnb. Some of us went to school for things that we later found out in life didn’t really match our career job. However, we all have our own special skills and things that we are experts in or hobbies we are great at and why not make money doing those things!

I recently stumbled upon a company called Zeqr and I’m kind of obsessing over the idea and ANYONE can do it!

Zeqr is a new global knowledge hub. It allows people from all over the world to make money online teaching their skills and things that they are passionate about and know a lot about. Zeqr is changing the way people exchange information around the world, by having experts in ANY field create classes online and deliver knowledge via one-on-one live video sessions. You set the price and how long the sessions will be while setting your own schedule to earn extra income. You can seriously make a great living from it!

The cool thing about Zeqr is that it’s so unique because there are no other platforms offering people to people, real-time sessions and courses.

I just set up an account with them to teach people how to design and have a successful blog. The process literally took 5 minutes and you can add as many classes and courses as you want in different fields.

To set-up an account with Zeqr, go to:

All you have to do is write a bio, pick out your skills, add a photo and set up a course of whatever it is that you’re looking to teach. SUPER EASY and basic. You can even add an intro video if you like. Then you’re ready to go!

Imagine how cool it would be to make an extra few hundred dollars every month doing what you love and are passionate about from the comfort of your own home! I always get asked how to make money online, this is definitely a great place to start.

If anything, you can even take a course or a class about things you’ve always wanted to learn or have a hard time understanding. You can ask your own questions and get better inside knowledge of the things you want to learn more about. Knowledge is power, I know that might be cheesy to say, but I’m always looking to better my skills and learn more about things I’m passionate about. I think the power of knowledge is key to living a fulfilled life, truly. I mean look at me, I went to school for so many different kinds of things just because I loved learning and wanted to know more about them. Personally to me, it wasn’t about getting a degree it was about having that knowledge to better my life.

Going through their site, you can get a better idea of skills you can teach or learn yourself.

Some of the cool classes/courses I found are:

  • Learning a new language or teaching a language! For example: Knowing Spanish is such an important tool to have nowadays or better yet, if you know Spanish (or any language) well, why not teach it! If I only knew how to write in Hebrew, I’d probably be teaching it, since I know how to speak and read in Hebrew.
  • Go Viral on YouTube also sounds like an interesting class to me.
  • Math Tutoring
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fitness & Lifestyle 
  • Dating Expectations
  • Music Classes

There is honestly so many ideas you can get from that site of things you can teach and you can easily make $100 or more a session! Remember, you set the price!

To check out their site, CLICK HERE! 

Make that extra money, travel the world with it, pay off your credit cards, be less stressed and enjoy your life! 


This post is for all you bloggers, stay at home moms, artist, experts and dreamers and basically anyone who wants to make an extra income online in today's world!

*This was a partnership post with Zeqr, however, all my opinions and experiences are of my own. I never share products or brands that I don’t believe in. <3



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