Stockholm, Sweden Vlog – Old Town, Desserts & ABBA Museum

Stockholm, Sweden Vlog - Old Town, Desserts & ABBA Museum

Stockholm, Sweden is my new favorite discovery. I recently added it to my favorite cities in the world list. There is just something so special about this city. I just wish someone told me to visit there sooner.

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If you’re a fan of Paris and Prague, you would love Stockholm, it’s all that and more, just on water. Just see for yourself in my latest video blog. Where I take you into my Swedish adventure.

I visited Old Town Stockholm, which is one of the best places to take postcard photos, if you follow me on Instagram (@hofitkimcohen), you would have seen just how visually stunning this little town is. It’s right next to Stockholm’s Palace. I also checked out the awesome ABBA Museum, which to my surprise was a blast, even while visiting solo. and of course, I had to try some delicious Swedish desserts.

Here is my fun adventure!

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