Summer 2014 (Preparation before the Big Trip)


Hey you guys! So this past week has been pretty stressful/busy in my world, so I’m sorry I didn’t post much this week. 

I had just finally and officially added a trip to Israel to my summer itinerary, 2 days ago, which departs June.1st! So I’ll be hanging out in Israel for week, just before my Euro trip to Greece and Turkey for a week and a half, and then back to Israel for another month of Summer fun! Which leaves me with less than 2 weeks here in Los Angeles.

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As time is passing by faster and faster and soon I’m off to my summer travels, there are so many things that need preparation before this big trip. Like getting presents for my family, buying summer clothing, which I even take it to the next level, of clothes matching the “Greece” theme, among other things I need for this trip. Running last minute errands, spending many MANY hours on the phone with airlines, hotels, tour guides companies, my phone company to unlock my phone. Hanging out with family and good friends. I’m also trying to bring my puppy with me to Israel, which is practically impossible, due to all their high qualifications and standards. Which has probably taken the longest out of anything on here and turns out to be very expensive and complicated but hopefully, G*d willingly he will be able to make it! and of course on top of that it’s been work, work, work!

But all things put aside, as stressful as this whole last week has been and the next 2 weeks are gonna be with all the planning, I do love it. Planning a trip and working towards it, is probably as motivated and driven as you’ll ever find me. It’s just what I’m most passionate about and what feeds my soul. I work best under pressure and love proving myself, that the impossible is always possible. So just as stressed out as I am, I’m just as happy and excited and can’t wait! So these next few weeks I will try my hardest to keep Vanilla Sky Dreaming as active as always, it just may have a post or two less a week. 

Thanks for all the love.

xoxo, Hofit Kim Cohen




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