Summer Itinerary

So I am very excited for this summer as I mentioned in the past and even more excited as time is passing by faster and faster and it will only be 4 weeks before I’m on my way! So this last Thursday I paid in full my trip to Greece & Turkey! So glad to get that out of the way. I have also finally decided that I will be visiting Israel to see my family a week before and dropped off my little obsession (Peanut, my puppy) for my mom to watch as I am away. Then go to Greece & Turkey and then come right back to Israel for a few weeks of summer fun! Which to be honest with you, there is no place I’d rather be then in Israel in the summer, which is full of beach all day, party all night 😉 It has been a tradition of mine to spend my summers there since I was a kid and in the last few years to also visit a foreign country.

I am also currently looking for another summer destination in Europe, near Greece. If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears! I would love to get some recommendations.

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A few months back I had won a trip for 2, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Travel Convention and trying to figure out when to fit that in my schedule as I will have to make a decision soon.

and of course my Birthday is coming up in August and I’m trying to figure out where I will be traveling this year to for it! Last year it was the Bahamas, the year before Italy, and this year I really want it to be Thailand! But only time will tell…

Anyways please stay tuned for upcoming dates and info. I will be also be posting on the right hand side bar my travel destinations.




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