The 5 Levels of Pleasure


We were all brought here for pleasure.

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Whether you believe in G*d or The Universe, it is the greater part of our purpose. You see, life’s purpose is based around pleasure. No one ever said that pleasure will be easy to seek at all giving time but depending on the type of pleasure you are seeking to get, comes the longer and more satisfying level of pleasure. Of course, the higher level of pleasure your looking to hold, along with it comes the challenging at its level. Yet if you master that type of pleasure, your reward will be beyond satisfying.

Let’s compare the levels of pleasure to airplane seats, the best way to travel is first class. Next is second class, which is Business, third class, economy ect. Everyone would rather seat in first class, but it will cost ya. Most people who sit in first class, usually are wealthy people as we know, who have a well paid job and worked very hard to get to where they are. These people have figured out a successful system to get to the top. While others seat in fifth class, burly hanging on to there life because they haven’t figured out the how’s to life. Some people get stuck on the basic level of pleasure, such as material things that they forget the important things in life.

To upgrade in life, we all start off at the base, the lowest level, but just like at a job or in college, the harder we work the higher stand we hold and surely enough we get a promotion at work, we graduate from a bachelor degree to a master degree. Same thing goes for the spiritual world. In order to achieve great pleasure, work has to be put in.

You see, many people think that the opposite of pleasure is pain, but its not, its comfort. Absence of pain doesn’t automatically equal pleasure. Sometimes, people believe they are getting real pleasure, but they are getting cheated. For example, relationships are great, but meeting a random guy/girl at a club and going home with them is counterfeit. It’s lust, not love and will only leave you eventually empty and depressed. If you wanna be the manager of your company, your gonna have to work hard, if you wanna have a 6-pack your gonna have to workout alot, you want that college degree, your gonna have to study your butt off. Comfort is painless, but that is not the goal of living! To succeed in the pursuit of pleasure, you have to focus on the pleasure and not on the effort.

We think that pleasure should come automatically, but its not that simple. If we only experienced pleasure at all given times, we wouldn’t know its pleasure because we wouldn’t have appreciate the good in our life and what we really have. Take the good with the bad because the bad is what also created the good pleasure and remember the higher the level is, the longer the pleasure last.

Here are the 5 Levels of Pleasure:

1. Physical: The lowest level of pleasure is indeed physical pleasure. This could be anything, clothes, food, cars, shoes, money ect. It’s a hot day your sooo hot you cant breathe, you cant stop complaining how hot you are, you step into your car and a few moments after you’ve turned on your air-conditioner you totally forgot how hot you were to begin with. Your in the mall, you see that shirt you want so badly, your freaking out, you have to get it, you end up buying it, even though it cost you alot of money, wear it once…a few days after you forget it even exist. This is all of our materiel and physical world. We need and want something so bad physically and yet the second we get it we forget all about it. That’s because physical pleasure doesn’t last very long.
Fake out: Is taking things to the extreme. Drinking is fun but if you drink too much, you will feel completely sick and have a hangover the next day. Food is great, but if you eat too much, your stomach will hurt and you won’t feel good at all.

2. Love: Love is the one thing that money can’t buy, which is why its above physical pleasure but also connects, because if you have love you will also have physical pleasure. Love can be to anyone, a husband/wife, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a good friend, family member and as we know unconditional love is priceless.
Fake Out: Lust. Like I mentioned earlier meeting a guy/girl at a club and going home with them and thinking you guys are in love because you just shared a “magical” night together isn’t love. Love takes time and effort, its not a overnight thing. Just like meeting someone and hanging out with them for a week doesn’t make this person your new best friend.

3. Meaning: Doing something meaningful. Your walking down the street and you see a homeless man asking for change, you hand him a dollar bill, he thanks you, you smile and walk away. You have just created a level of pleasure inside of you that can’t be described. You also take something physical (dollar bill), Love (compassion to help someone) and created something meaningful. That’s above physical and love, its a “cause”. The drive to do something that makes a difference in the world. The desire for greater meaning in life, the need to do the right thing. It takes great effort to be a genuinely good person. But most people never reach this goal. They end up being “not bad” – that is, they don’t murder, steal, or commit adultery. But being good is much more than just “being not bad.”
Fake Out: There is a difference between being good vs. looking good. Donating money because you see everyone else around you doing it and you don’t wanna be that person that everyone looks at it with disgrace. You needing to look good to fake an act of kindness.

4. Creation: or Creativity. Creating a family, creating life, a baby! Creating the cure for a disease, creating a non-profit, creating art. All forms of creations, also create power. Which all take physicality, love/passion and meaning. Anything that also creates pleasure for other is the second to highest form of pleasure.
Fake Out: Control vs. Power. Through out history many people used creation to control others, take people like Hitler for example, he was trying to create hope for his people and instead of using his power in a positive way, he used it in a controlling way. It’s only an illusion of creativity. It can also be as simple as a couple that is going through a divorce and maybe using the children to control the situation. The way to tell if you are creating or controlling is by the result. Creativity gives other people pleasure, control leads to destruction.

5. Infinity:  An encounter with G*d or The Universe. Imagine someone who has all 4 levels of pleasure, they are enjoying enormous wealth and material pleasures, a beautiful loving family, meaning in life, power used to create good in the world. Yet there’s still something missing. When all is said and done, what we each seek is to reach out of this finite world and connect with the infinite. To become one with G*d or The Universe, which ever you choose to believe in. For the greatest pleasure, we have to pay the greatest price. Gratitude. In order to connect to anything you believe in, you have to learn to appreciate where it came from. That means giving up the illusion that you alone are responsible for your achievements. It’s all a gift. The real ultimate goal for which man was created was for a connection with G*d. We were put on earth in order to overcome the illusions and actually use our free will to build a relationship with G*d. This my friends, has the greatest level of pleasure, because it will last a lifetime and you will spend a lifetime perfecting it. You can also attain this by reading The Bible, taking spirituality seminars/courses and more to further understand G*d, The Universe and ultimately yourself.
Fake Out: Ego. Believing that everything you have ever achieved is only caused by your own self. Why is gratitude such a difficult awareness to sustain? Because a human being’s ego always craves recognition and independence. We just always wanna believe that we did it all by ourselves but we all gotta stop once in a while if not all the time and be grateful for what we have. Everything can we taken away from us in a snap of a finger, our health, our jobs, our loved ones, ect. Be grateful and believe.

At the end of it all we all wanna be something great in our world. Some of us might wanna be a famous actor and star in a big Hollywood hit, be a soccer player and win the World Cup, or be the best Mom in the world, but it’s gonna take hard work! But you weren’t born for comfort. You were born to have pleasure. So make a decision. Choose First Class 😉



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