The Dead Sea Experience, Israel

The Dead Sea is known for being the lowest point in the world, 1291 ft. below Sea level. It’s one of the world’s most saltiest bodies of water, which causes every person to easily float! Due to its high level of salt, no living organisms can survive in it, such as fish and plants. This magical body of water stands still, with no waves or Sea moments. It’s full of natural mineral that help many with skin problems. It was also nominated for the 7th Wonder of The World!

For these reasons, The Dead Sea is one of my favorite places in Israel to visit and I was actually born in the town closes to it, Arad.

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Here is what an experience at The Dead Sea would look like…

The Dead Sea experience

The Dead Sea hotelsThe Dead Sea salt

Upon arriving at The Dead Sea, you will find many Hotels on the beach and many beaches to choose from, some are crowded and others not a single person in sight.

The Dead Sea beachesThe Dead Sea hofit kim cohen The Dead Sea

Find a spot and set up your stuff.

I must warn you though, due to the fact that it is the lowest part of the world, heat also gets captured in this area like no other place, making the temperature sometimes 117’F degrees and the water super warm. That includes the sand, so bring chairs or a thick blanket, find a shady spot, bring ice water and wear those flip-flops as the ground is warm and rocky.

Dead Sea temperature IMG_2145

Next, GO CHECK OUT THE WATER! and the view!

swimming in The Dead Seabikini at The Dead Sea

If you have any cuts or just shaved your legs, this may sting a bit.

The Dead Sea bikini girl

Now because The Dead Sea is incredibly salty, 35% salt which the Ocean is only 4%, you have to be super careful not to let it get anywhere near your face, especially your eyes or mouth! It has a disgusting taste, from personal experience of course.

swimming in The Dead Sea bikini

Now float away!!!!

floating in The Dead Sea dead sea floatingfloat in the dead sea

After getting a good dip, at this time my friends and I usually light up a Hookah & drink some beers or anything that’s cold.

hookah at the dead seadead sea fun

After getting out of the water, you will notice as you’re slowly drying up that your skin will start to flack with salt, It’s pretty cool actually.

dead sea salt

Now this is my favorite part, MUD time! Although back in the day people would come from all over the world for the magical Dead Sea mud, now its no longer “free” as you would need to purchase it from one of the stores on the beach. The Dead Sea mud is full of minerals that are great for your skin and relaxes the muscles. 

dead sea mud mask israelmud at the dead seadead sea mud bikini mud girl at the dead sea dead sea mud benefits dead sea salt benefits israel

lol sexy I know! But its alot of fun and the moment you let it dry up and walk right into the water it completely disappears without you even having to wash it off of ya!


Back into the water for some more!


You will definitely get an amazing tan! Faster than you would any other place!


It’s not your typical beach where you can stay there all day as it does get super hot! So a good 1-3hrs is perfect. It’s a great experience and I highly recommend it, as its an experience like no other.

dead sea securedownload (5)6252_120630136901_6793023_n



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