21 Things I Hate About Traveling

Things I hate about traveling

I live an amazing lifestyle and I’m so grateful for it, traveling around the world as a career is pretty incredible. While I tend to be a positive person, there are some things that I can never get used to. Most good things, do come with a little bit of bad. Lucky for me, the good outweigh the bad.

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But just to keep it real, not all aspects of traveling is perfection.  Here are: 21 Things I Hate About Traveling


Stress- The stress that everything will go according to plan, can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. With flights, hotel reservations, attractions and transportation, a lot of things can go wrong and a lot of planning goes into it.

Public toilets- Going through a creepy alley way or down the stairs of a random place. Only to find a disgusting bathroom with no toilet paper, is the worst.

A bad seat on the plane- Point blank. Who really wants a middle seat on a 14 hour flight?

Packing- The stress of finding everything you need and having to pick what you REALLY need, when you want to take more, just sucks.

Unpacking is probably my LEAST favorite thing to do after a long trip or even a short one. I usually tend to unpack, when I’m repacking for the next trip, which can be 2 months sometimes.

hofit kim cohen in the Bahamas

Single supplements and paying for two when travelling solo.

Living out of a suitcase on long trips. Sometimes all you want is just a closet and a room to have all your things organized in one place.

Dragging suitcases up and down stairs or through long distances in the streets.

Taxi drivers that don’t know directions and end up wasting your time and money.

Being a vegetarian- It’s always hard to find food. Always having to worry if there is meat secretly hiding in my meal because I have been fooled before.

Leaving my dog- This really breaks my heart each and every time. My dog, Peanut is my world and having to leave him for long periods of time is heartbreaking.

wanderlust vanilla sky dreaming hofit kim cohen greece

Exchanging Currency- I hate having to look for a place to exchange money and even more so, getting ripped off for it.

Language barriers- Sometimes all you want is just to say a simple sentence, to be understood better and can’t.

Security lines at the Airport- During high season or sometimes randomly, these lines can be so obnoxious.

Jet-lag is always the enemy, who can ever like him.

Delays- Things always go wrong when you travel a lot, especially with airplanes being delayed. Sometimes it doesn’t make a big difference and sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.

the bahamas bad weather

Bad weather- trouble in paradise. Sometimes you arrive at your dream destination, ready to enjoy a full day of tanning, only to find out a hurricane has just arrived. Weather is a critical thing when traveling, it can sometimes completely ruin your trip.

Crowded attractions- It’s not fun planning a day full of activities and arriving at an attraction and seeing how crowded it is, then having to work your day around it.

Bad Wifi can drive me crazy! The worst is when you don’t have any connection to the outside world for 2 days and when you finally do, it’s the slowest wifi ever. Sometimes a page can take over 15mins to load!

Hotels with false advertisements- Sometimes hotels can look so beautiful in photos, but when you arrive it’s much different. Even worse, is a beautiful hotel in a bad neighborhood.

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6 Responses to 21 Things I Hate About Traveling

  1. hahaha actually laughing. Love this list and agree with every single one! (Except being a vegetarian :D) I definitely miss my dog probably more than any person.. and public toliets will just NEVER be enjoyable!

  2. Such a funny list! I hate packing and unpacking – I have yet to unpack my bag from my trip last weekend (all the dirty clothes are out of the bag though!.

  3. I can relate to so many of these. Especially the note on bathrooms. I almost go crazy when I find a public bathroom that isn’t bad–they are not to be taken for granted!

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