27 Things You Should Know About Paris

Paris is one of the most talked about cities in the world, last year for New Years I decided to finally visit the city everyone is always talking about. To my surprise, what I had actually imagined Paris to be and the reality of what it is, were quite different. I did have a blast on my 4 day trip to Paris. For the good and the bad, there are definitely things you should know before going to Paris. Here is 27 Things You Should Know about Paris:


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Best Macaroons- This is the world of Macaroons! For those of you that saw Sex & The City, Gossip Girl or other movies with Paris, you would know that the #1 location for the best Macaroons is at the Ladurée. A must while traveling in Paris, they have about 24 flavors ranging from Raspberry and Green Apple to Coffee and Vanilla. Price: 1,75Є


Line at the Eiffel Tower- ok this just plain sucks! I’m not talking about a 30mins line, I’m talking about a 2-3hrs in the freezing cold line! I went around Christmas & New Years season but I do know there is also lines all year long, not as bad, yet still a good long line. I tried a few times to see if the lines had gotten short but not by much. So if your planning a trip to Paris take into consideration that you will be waiting for a long time.



40mins to Find the Mona Lisa- yup I’m serious! and I took the “short cut”! The Louvre is very crowded, having power walked to find the Mona Lisa through the crowds wasn’t easy. Especially when walking through with 4-5 people, making sure we didn’t lose anyone behind. Not to mention the storm of people crowded around it! You really have to push your way to the front if you wanna get a good photo, and don’t worry, I did! But once you get there, you do realize why it’s such a worldly famous masterpiece. It’s just beautiful! I think it was the highlight of my trip, as I have wanted to see the Mona Lisa since I was a kid.


9 Months Inside The Louvre (museum)- So turns out, that if you started from the beginning to the end of The Louvre, seeing every single art piece, it will take you 9 months!!! haha that’s like having a baby!!! Crazy stuff! Who would have known…


Bad Food- maybe it’s just me being a vegetarian but Paris wasn’t ever known for its food. I really had a hard time finding GOOD food! The entrees don’t really look appetizing. Paris needs to learn a thing or 2 from Italy in this  category. I basically survived on cheese and bread.


Party Time- Paris probably has the craziest nightlife I have ever experience, even crazier than Vegas! My friends and I partied our butts off! There are awesome clubs and bars! I loved going out in the Gothic Quarter of Paris, it was my favorite! A great area for bar hopping.


Churros Ain’t the Same- Growing up in LA, churros is one of the snacks found in theme parks, among other places. I love churros! So when I heard it was on the menu in Paris, I knew I had to get some! For home times sacks 😉 now in America, a churros is 1 long piece covered in cinnamon. Well in Paris you get a huge bag full of them, as big as both your arms put together! They are curly and taste well…like nothing! haha no cinnamon at all. Basically your stuck with a huge bag of dough!


No Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower- I went to Paris for New Years to see the fireworks! I was disappointed to find out upon arrival at Paris, that there is NO fireworks on New Years Eve! How disappointing! When seeing world wide photos of New Years Eve it’s one of the famous photos, The Eiffel Tower with Fireworks! Turns out it only really happens on certain years.

IMG_3245 IMG_3249IMG_3267

New Years Eve- isn’t really celebrated too much by people in Paris, it’s mostly the tourist that party like rockstars. Yet New Years in Paris was a blast and probably one of my best New Years experiences. Clubs open and running all night! The problem is trying to find a taxi afterwards…in the rain. (That’s me! Keeping it classy haha)


Take a Boat Tour- It’s great to see the city through the river and its a nice tour that last about an hour. You get a telephone which explains to you all the sight seeing spots and comes in different languages. There is also a coffee machine on board, which makes the experience so much more enjoyable as it is freezing out.


Gypsies- this is gypsy capital! They are everywhere, especially at tourist sights and they will try anything to rob you! While in Paris I saw every trick in the book, playing right in front of my very own eyes. So please be careful of the gypsy scam!


Coldest City in the World-  lol I wish I was only being dramatic but I have never in my life been that cold anywhere else! This is coming from a girl who lived in NYC and DC/Baltimore where temperature drops below zero. I went to London in the winter and yet this is the coldest I had ever been! No matter how many layers I wore I was absolutely freeeezing! It’s just a cold that goes straight through your clothes.


Cops are Sweethearts- They are and very helpful! 😉


Flowers from the Graves- haha so there are people selling romantic flowers to couples and friends. My friend Katie bought 1 for me, herself and 2 other friends. Turns out these people steal them from the graveyards and resale them!!! How disgusting and disturbing!?!

Underground Tunnels- History says that over 8 millions bodies are buried underneath the streets of Paris!!! Back in the day, people were told that if they wanna go to heaven, they would have to give all their money to the churches, to be buried underneath the church in order to go to heaven! As crazy as that sounds apparently many people believed this and did this, which clearly turned out to be a fraud. Till this day these bodies lay under Paris and there is actually a tunnel tour, which I personally would never go on but my friend Katie went there and loved it! lol If I only knew this story before hand, I probably wouldn’t have ever gone to Paris! haha I’m serious! (No pictures of such things on my blog, but you should google “Paris Tunnels” for photos)


People Really DO Eat Snails- hahaha how crazy is that?! Upon arriving at a restaurants with my group of my friends I had met there, we were offered a choice of a salad or snails! Some of them actually picked the snails and for those of you who don’t know its a very common dish in Paris! Along with frog leg soup!

IMG_3119 IMG_3121

The Moulin Rouge- isn’t like in the movie, it’s a street full of porn and adult shop! Nothing like my dreamy fantasy. Not that I thought it was 1900, but I just thought it was be a little classy in that area.


The People Aren’t Mean As They Say- in fact they aren’t mean or rude at all! I had a pretty sweet experience with the locals of Paris. Everyone was very kind and sweet to me, I had no problems at all. Although I have ever for years that people in Paris are rude and don’t like tourist.


Magic Gold All Over The City- Paris is known for it’s royal history of Kings and Queens ruling over the city. Thanks to them, the city is field with gold platting all over! Such as bridges, historical sights, the opera and more. It actually stands out the most on those cloudy and overcast days.


No Toilets Seat- well this was an interesting experience, some of the bathrooms don’t have toilet seats. I was trying to hold out as long as I could before using one of these, but what can I say, when you gotta go, you go. I don’t think I can ever get used to this kind of bathroom, although I know in many countries in Asia it’s worse, it’s just super weird and unnecessary.


The Car Accident Central of the World- The Arc De Triomphe is one of the world’s most common car accident zone, on average every seven minutes! There are no lanes and insurance companies have a rule that they don’t cover your car when in this area! As I was being explained this, I saw 2 accidents happen before my eyes. 

IMG_2885IMG_2888IMG_2910 IMG_2915IMG_2911

Christmas Time- Although it’s freezing outside, Christmas time is a great time to go to Paris. It’s nicely lit with beautiful lights all over the city. Along one of the main streets in Paris, the Avenue des Champs Elysees, the street is filled on both sides with great stands/kiosks full of souvenir and food. You can actually have a good lunch just by walking around and trying out different types of food along this street.


Eiffel Tower Light Show- on the hour the Eiffel Tower bedazzles the city with a pretty impressive light show, sparkling 20,000 light bulbs! It’s amazinggggg!


Plan Your Day Wisely for Lines- There are long lines everywhere, besides the Eiffel Tower almost every big attraction, you will have long lines like The Louvre and The Notre Dame Church, so plan your day wisely.


Across the Mona Lisa Painting- is a huge huge beautiful art piece! Funny enough no one ever pays attention to it because they are so mentally involved with the Mona Lisa that they totally miss this beautiful painting.


City View- there are many great views of the city, one of the best locations to see the entire city of Paris is by going to the Arc De Triomphe. You may have to walk 280 steps each way but it’s worth the walk! When you get up top you will have the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and the whole city! It’s breathtaking. You can also get a great view from the Ferries Wheel straight across The Louvre. 


Good Friends, Good Time- Paris did surprise me for the good and the bad, but the greatest thing about any trip is the people you spend it with. My group of friends that I met on this trip made my entire trip incredible!!! I had the time of my life with these amazing cats! Katie, Scott, Josh, Ally, Annie, Crystal, Rossa, Michelle, Matt, Sam, Nancy and a few others! Thank you for making my trip amazing! Love you guys!




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