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I know we are already in 2016, but there was a few moments I wanted to recap of my amazing year of travels in 2015! So let’s get straight to it.

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2015, was an amazing year for Vanilla Sky Dreaming. Although I didn’t blog as much as I probably should have because my schedule just got too hectic at times, I still managed to write 61 blog post and get a pretty impressive amount of readers. My blog was visited by 189 countries out of 193 countries, which warms my heart with joy. There is still so many blog post to write about my amazing year of travel in 2015 and I will catch up on it the moment I get some free time on my hands. Until then I would love to share with you my most popular blog post of 2015. I’m happy some of these made it to the top because some of these post are very close to my heart and I’m glad I could help and inspire others all around the world.

10. Gossip Girl Locations In New York – The Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide


At #10 of 2015 most popular blog post, it’s the Gossip Girl Location Guide for all you Gossip Girls fans out there. It looks like there are many of you, since it made it to the top 10 spot! If you’re ever visiting New York City and love Gossip Girl, check out all these awesome spots where the famous TV show was filmed.

9. I’m Not Lucky — The Sacrifices I Make To Travel The World


At #9, one of my favorite post of all time, I’m Not Lucky — The Sacrifices I Make To Travel The World. Straight up and honest, the explanation of why I’m not Lucky just because I travel the world and all the sacrifices I have to make to make my dreams a reality every single day.

8. Chasing The Northern Lights – Iceland


One of my longest life long dreams come true was  seeing the Northern Lights. Last January, I was lucky enough to get to see the Northern lights right before my very own eyes for the very first time in Iceland. It was a dream in the making for many years and the journey behind it is all in this blog post called Chasing The Northern Lights – Iceland.

7. How To Create The Perfect Instagram Gallery & Get More Followers!

Instagram Gallery & Get More Followers - vanilla sky dreamingInstagram Gallery & Get More Followers - hofit kim cohen

Also one of my favorite blog post at the #7 spot where I revealed just how I got over 15,000 followers on Instagram in just a matter of a few short months. I wrote this post to help and inspire other photo lovers to create the perfect Instagram account that will give you more followers.

6. Top 30 Unique & Unusual Hotels In The World


I love creativity and love how amazing and unique all these hotels are. If you’re looking for a different hotel adventure or just love looking at an awesome list of artistic hotels around the world, this post is for you.

5. 22 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit The Backwaters Of Kerala NOW!


Last year I went on an amazing journey to Kerala, India when I won the Kerala Blog Express contest. I can’t believe a year has past and that Kerala Blog Express 3 is about to start. My amazing memories of Kerala can’t be summed up, but just to give people a new prospective of a different side of India, I made this post of the best photos I collected around my amazing trip to Kerala, India.

4. Inside Amsterdam’s Red Light District


Going to the Red Light District was perhaps one of the craziest and darkest traveling experiences of my travels in 2015. I wanted to share this experience with future travelers who don’t really know what exactly goes on in the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam. You have been warned!

3. So You Want To Be A Travel Blogger? The Ugly Side Of Being A Travel Blogger


Another one of my all time favorite blog post that got a lot of interesting comments and attention, both good and bad, but as a travel blogger, I think the truth must be told of the reality of being a Travel Blogger. Being a travel blogger just isn’t always as glamour as it may seem.

2. The 15 Best Travel Tattoos Ideas


For some reason people just loved this blog post and it has been pinned on Pinterest many times. The funny thing is that I don’t even have a single tattoo on me, but love the beauty, art and creativity of it all. If I ever got a tattoo, one of these would definitely me it.

1. ICELAND: 21 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love



At the #1 spot out of all the blog posts I ever written, my passion and love for Iceland made it to the top! With over 15,000 shares on Facebook, the beautiful photos of Iceland!




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