Top 15 Best Travel Apps

top 15 best travel apps

Here is a list of the best travel apps out there and every true traveller needs to have them in their phone!


skyscanner app

Skyscanner is by far, my favorite app for finding the best airfare deals. It has the cheapest flights you will find anywhere on the web. This past year I discovered this app and it’s almost all I use. They also have great rates on hotels and car rentals online. The thing I like about Skyscanner as well, is that you can set alerts for when prices go down and receive an email for it and they have a great graph if your dates are flexible for a even better deal.


been app

This app is for all those travelers who are obsessed with conquering the world! Been is an app to keep track of all the countries and U.S States you have visited. After marking down all the places you have visited Been will then calculate for you how many percent of the world you have actually been to! It’s a great app, I love it.


cheapoair app

Cheapoair is another great app for cheap airfare, hotels, car rental and seat selection. Both cheapoair and SkyScanner have the best deals around. I normally like to check both just in case one has a better deal than the other. The cool thing about Cheapoair is that it also checks price deals at other airports near your departure or arrival location, which many times makes a huge price difference.


covert app

This is my personal favorite currency converter app, it’s simple to use and very helpful, especially when arriving to a foreign country, so that you know you’re not getting ripped off. It also converts other things like weight, temperature, speed and more.


skiplagged app

This app is just one of the goodies that no many people know about. Skiplagged is app that uses “hidden city” strategy, basically, it’s a airfare search engine that will make you realize that it’s sometimes cheaper to buy more flights than you need, making your layover your final destination.

Google Maps

google maps app

Google maps is just an essential when traveling and trying to figure out your distance from the airport to your hotel or of course, you can use it as navigation.


waze app

If you haven’t heard of Waze yet, you better get on it! Waze is the best app for getting to your final destination the fastest, by using alternative routes. The app updates regularly letting you know of more faster options as you keep driving to safe a few minutes. It’s also great because it lets you know if there are traffic accidents or police near by, along with speed checkers.


whatsapp app

Whatsapp, I really couldn’t live without this app! It’s the best app for keeping in touch with all your loved ones no matter where you are in the world, through text, audio messages and now phone calls. It’s great if you’re traveling in a foreign country where your cell phone isn’t connected to the network. So if you don’t want to purchase a country sim card, you can use this app.


freetone app

Freetone is app I discovered most recently when I was traveling in Israel and needed to make a phone call to my bank in the US. You can call anywhere in the world with this app, over wifi and the greatest thing about it, is that it’s FREE!


tripit app

Tripit is a new app that basically organizes all your booking in one place, airfare, hotels, ect., so that you don’t need to print out a million reservations and/or go through your emails every time you arrive somewhere. app

I love! is the app to find the best deals on hotels all around the world, they have the cheapest prices out there and I also love them because they have many and great full screen photos of what the hotels ACTUALLY look like. I find it that many website/app don’t have honest and good photos of what hotels look like, which is why I love app so much more than other hotel apps.

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weather app

Well we all know what this app is for, but it really comes in handy when traveling from different climates in the world and is a good idea to check the weather of a destination ahead of time before booking it. In some parts of the world, where it’s summer where you’re at, it’s winter there.

Packing Pro

packing pro app

At this point in my life, I could say I have a PhD in packing, plus I solo travel most of the time so I only got one person to worry about. But if you would like to be more organized with your packing, which can sometimes be overwhelming depending on how many destinations you’re traveling to, what the weather there is like or if you have a big family to worry about, this is the perfect app for you! All you gotta do is tell this app where you’re going and for how long and it will do all the hard work for you, with the perfect check list. This app will help you never forget a single thing.

Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finder app

Wifi Finder, is well…a wifi finder! It finds all the available free wifi around you.


uber app

Uber has become one of the most popular apps to date recently. Uber is an app for personal transportation to your destination at half the price of what a taxi will cost you and you can choose the kind of car you want. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes in a simple touch of a button. It finds the closest driver to you in the area and in just a few short minutes they arrive. Everything is done over credit card payment, no cash and the cool thing about it is, you can use it in cities all around the world.

OVER TO YOU! What’s your favorite travel apps? 

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